Create multiple workstations.
Create multiple workstations.

Easy hacks to make your home feel more cheerful

Gita Ramanan, CEO and co-founder of Design Cafe, elaborates on how subtle changes to our homes can enhance productivity and improve moods

If people had to pick out one aspect of their lives that has witnessed a significant change in the last couple of months, it would be the attention given to their homes. With most of us being confined to our respective four walls for a long period of time, it has given us time to re-think the way our homes have been setup. In the face of uncertainty, this is definitely the perfect time to reorganise and redecorate our living spaces to maximise the pleasure we derive in the comforts of our homes.

Re-do small spaces.

While consulting home interiors specialists might seems like great idea, there are a few DIY changes that if incorporated, can make your home feel more cheerful, cosy and refreshing than ever before. These ideas are not just free or inexpensive but can also help you feel more organised and ultimately enhance your productivity.

Here are a few easy hacks to make your home feel more cheerful and joyous:

1) Re-arrange your furniture

Furniture like sofa sets, recliners, central table etc. can be re-arranged optimally to provide some much-needed walking space and a hint of freshness. One of the best ways to do this is by facing your sofa/ottomans towards the window or balcony so that you get maximum sunlight and stay connected to the outside world. This is also the ideal time to re-consider the utility of each and everything piece of furniture. Perhaps a lesser used piece in one room can be shifted to another to create more space. For example, an armchair from the living room can be moved to the bedroom or maybe a lamp from the dresser can be used to add extra light in the dining room. It’s a simple hack but extremely effective if done right.

2) Frame family photos

What better way to cheer you up in the midst of a monotonous day than to re-visit some old memories? Go back to your stock of old family portraits or pictures and frame them to add more life to your walls. These serve as reminders of the memories made with the ones you love. In case you already have photos framed, try and update them if possible. You could also make quirkier frames or order them online to enhance the look and feel of those pictures.

3) Create multiple workstations

While working from home, you might feel compelled to work at the same spot repeatedly. That should not be the case. Though it might be your designated spot for work, feel free to roam around the house to freshen up your mind. The aim here is add a little variety to your where you work from. Dining tables, living rooms, balconies, gardens etc can be ideal spots for working from home if you could just set up a simple table and an armchair. Once in a while, you could also experiment with a small blanket placed in the garden or the porch.

4) Experiment with colours

Painting walls can be therapeutic for some and is an inexpensive way to transform your living spaces. You won’t require exceptional painting skills to undertake this activity and it can be fun especially during this stressful period. Bright colours are ideal for this. However, do not restrict yourself to yellows and oranges. Shades of pink, green, red etc can work best too. To add a little variety, one can create an accent wall or a colour block different from the other walls.

Frame family photos.

Apart from walls, select marble patterned or vintage lamps and vibrant paintings/artwork which can compliment neutral furniture. Multi-coloured tablecloths or intricately designed upholstery also work wonders.

5) Re-do small spaces

If you experience space constraints, re-think your usage of every square footage to create maximum open space. De-cluttering is another way to make some additional room or at least create that illusion of space. Regardless of how big or small your home is, devote some time towards tidying up your drawers, cabinets, countertops, and tables to make you feel more organised. Investing in a pinboard might be terrific way to add some personality to the space and reuse or re-purpose the items that were previously neglected.

6) Grow your own herbs

As we are all caught up in the city life, it is the ideal time to undertake healthier activities like growing herbs, strawberries, if you got more space, then why not some chillies, and other vegetables. Herbs like thyme, rosemary, mint and various others, are so easy to be potted in a small pot. You could also add this as a fresh décor to your kitchen, and later when in use, easily hand pick. The process of growing plants and nurturing them, in a way is therapeutic.

Gita Ramanan, CEO and co-founder of Design Cafe.

As we embrace for potentially uncertain times ahead, now is the best time to re-look at some of the most neglected corners of your house. Now that we might be confined to our homes more often than in the past, a little creativity and imagination can help in making our homes feel more cheerful.



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