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Caleido gives a glimpse of its newest products

The designer radiators combine convenience with aestheticsxx

Caleido’s designer radiator collection, created by Giuseppe Bavuso, has been enhanced following the Stilus model with a new product, SAM. This new concept of towel warmers combines convenience with aesthetics, becoming a design icon as well as a smart and portable accessory.

Meanwhile, a new era is beginning, another phase of growth in Caleido's history, with the collaboration of the architects Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. Their Ottolungo, 1000 righe and 100 righe radiators combine ease and beauty, resulting in designer items with character that communicate with various surroundings, recesses and light, material and colour.

For more than 25 years, Caleido has been producing designer radiators while focusing on integration, sustainability and well-being, making it a leader in the production of designer heating units with a low environmental impact.

Caleido radiators stand out due to their high levels of thermal efficiency, ability to operate with cutting-edge low-temperature systems, low thermal inertia and gradual release of heat, ensuring energy savings, low emissions and a high level of comfort.

Innovation is also inherent in the company's range of electric radiators, which have been upgraded with a focus on reducing indoor pollution and using recyclable materials, to safeguard well-being without compromising on style.

All of the radiators use new heating elements that comply with eco-design standards to reduce consumption as much as possible.



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