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With EIVA, outdoor lighting becomes customisable

Creative-Cables presents the world’s first wireable IP65 rated lamp holder for open-air and wet environments

As a continuous development under the slogan 'your light style', Creative-Cables introduces a new product – EIVA, which is an innovation in outdoor lighting and dedicated to a wide audience.

EIVA is the first wireable IP65 rated lamp holder for outdoors that can be installed where required and is not already part of a ready-made finished product, ready for you to create what you need when you need it.

The idea is innovative and simple at the same time, providing the possibility to create not one, but thousands of possible combinations of colourful, durable, practical and functional outdoor lamps to illuminate gardens, terraces and anywhere subject to moisture. By combining lamp holders, rosettes, finishes, colours and nominated lengths of cables, EIVA becomes the perfect proposal for residential and commercial use. Suitable for a house next to the sea or a cabin in the mountains, or bars and restaurants with outdoor spaces, it provides a safe solution resistant to all weather conditions.

Creative-Cables was founded in 2012 and is the brainchild of CEO Luca Novarino. A company which wraps electric cables with various fabrics and colours, and accompanies those varieties with a wide range of over 5,000 accessories and components. An unprecedented change of perspective, with all the elements in reach, the customer becomes the designer of their own lamp following their own personal style.

This launch marks the next stage of Creative-Cables’ abilities. The IP65 lamp holder becomes an unconditional novelty for the outdoor market, complete with levels of protection and guaranteed for performance outdoors, even in the rain. Providing innovation where tradition and technology is combined. Originating from Piedmont, the region of Northern Italy where Creative-Cables was born, an area rich in culture and charm, it is a region Novarino shows a particular attachment and gratitude towards, as well as inspiration, so much so that the name EIVA, means ‘water’ in the local Piedmontese dialect.

A system conceived, designed and produced completely in Italy, the core IP65 lamp holder unit, was born from an idea by Novarino himself, and developed by Guido Parenzan, who joined the company in 2019 to strengthen the product design and development team, and give life to more and more Creative-Cables solutions thanks to his twenty years of experience in the lighting industry. EIVA is equipped with a special patented insulation system, which allows the use of textile cables outdoors, something that was difficult to achieve before. All EIVA components have an IP65 rating of protection, including the rosette to connect the light point to the ceiling or wall, as well as the Neoprene cables with a 1 mm section as required by outdoor regulations. It is a safe product, thanks to a series of rigorous tests by independent Italian laboratories certifying both electrical regulations and water insulation requirements.

The new collection can be purchased in Italian flagship stores located in Turin, Milan, Brescia, Treviso and Rome, as well as other Creative-Cables stores situated in Munich (Germany), Zagreb (Croatia), Brussels (Belgium), Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), Cape Town (South Africa) and Memphis (Tennessee, USA). Further to this, they can also be found within the best lighting, outdoor and electrical retail stores in more than 25 countries around the world, as well as online at www.creative-cables.com.

In EIVA you can find all the traits of the brand. First of all, in the modularity, already a strong point in Creative-Cables for the interior design world, but the technical difficulties related to IP rating made it difficult to replicate this possibility to the outdoors, until today. Now, however, private customers and professionals can ‘play’ with all the elements, combining, reinventing and mixing them at will.

A combination from a selection of more than 200 LED bulbs, 100 lampshades, 250 colour-fabric combinations and eight colours of silicone lampholders in two shapes and lengths.

Furthermore, the customer can also ask Creative-Cables to assemble their finished product, which can then be shipped within 48 hours of receiving the order. A precious service, which is also available for professionals who can thus adapt EIVA to their clients' needs, receiving one or more custom-made outdoor lighting solutions for their project within a very short lead time.

Another important aspect develops from the modularity element: replaceability. The system makes it possible to swap out every single component in case of breakage, failure or simply desire for a new style. A bonus that also translates into economic savings and a reduction for waste in the environment.

Last but not least, upcycling: a coloured cable, a new switch, the replacement of a plug that is too old, a new lampshade on a disused lamp can make it shine like it is new again. Many customers use Creative-Cables components to refurbish their existing lamps. Their durability and reuse, as well as the limited packaging which is provided in cardboard where possible, meet the standards of today’s essential ethical and environmental sustainability principles.

Creative-Cables' clients are also makers and craftsmen, supporting the creativity of hundreds of Italian micro-productions. From those who make lamps using 3D printers to those who work with wood or ceramics, upholding constant quality control and product certifications.



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