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Vita Moderna introduces its latest collection from LauraMeroni

Kylindros, Talento Unlimited and Hugs Low Tables are sure to spruce up your interiors

Vita Moderna is an uber-luxury retailer of Italian and European furniture, lighting, and accessories brands. The Mumbai-based furniture retailer is growing exponentially and is playing a pivotal role in making Indian homes world-class. Vita Moderna partners with iconic members of the Italian luxury design producers, who are avant-garde, minimal, and contemporary. Notable partners include Flexform, MisuraEmme, Glas Italia, LauraMeroni, and many more.

Its latest collection from LauraMeroni has three distinct products: Kylindros, Talento Unlimited and Hugs Low Tables.


Kylindros is a wood veneered ‘walk-in’ unit with horizontal décor carving and internally fitted with small shelves. Kylindros are cylindrical elements of big dimension and they assume an architectural importance in the surroundings. The unit is divided into three pieces – all high long, one of them can be opened (extendable) and the internal side is lit from above and could be fitted to display or to contain. It is designed to be used for different purposes. Kylindros Golf is dedicated to sport lovers, while Kylindros Show is fitted with a 12-shelf spiral.

Talento Unlimited

Talento Unlimited is a tall unit with structure in wood or lacquered wood and doors in ‘Liquid Metal’ finish with ‘Unlimited’ texture. Talento is a containing unit with a strong visual impact, where craftsmanship and design come together in a wise balance of empty and full, and an alternation of different depths and proportions. The new ‘Unlimited’ texture in ‘Liquid Metal’ embellishes and emphasises the two doors. The rounded edges of the entire structure and the particular recessed handle represent a further detail, which highlights the originality of the design. An architectural jewel designed and equipped for storing objects.

Hugs Low Table 

Hugs Low Tables are a set of round low tables characterised by soft lines and a base that envelops the round top. Available in two different dimensions, Hugs low tables can be finished in all RAL colour lacquering or in many different special finishes. Gently curved structure supports a beautiful marble top, which can be selected from our range of precious stones.



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