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Photographs: Photographix | Sebastian + Ira

Krava Design transforms a compact home

Designed by founder Krati Valecha, the apartment incorporates many interesting details fo improve the spatial quality

Inhabited by young newly-weds and elderly in-laws, the new apartment designed by Krava Design is a combination of both a contemporary and a classic aesthetic. The aim was to make the space as airy and light-filled as possible. Pushing windows outward and taking in the balconies opened up the space by making the rooms larger, and maximising the amount of sunlight that came in.

The living room was designed as an expansive space with large windows, ceiling to floor wooden vertical rafters set against mirrored walls that both gave depth and height to the room. With a large seating area, the space was designed to entertain and spend time as a family along with small seater options, provided by intimate corner spaces.

Doors to bedrooms were concealed within rafter-mirror panels, so as to maintain seamlessness. Through these seamless design details and reflective materials, the space of the original flat was magnified. The rooms that belonged to the couples were designed to be masters, doubling up as bedroom and lounge. Walk-in closets were created by making the bathrooms a bit smaller.

The house is also filled with organic textures and colours, which came in through elements like the wall art, lighting fixtures, plants and the exterior scenery made more visible through the bigger windows. Strong vertical lines were used throughout the house, whether through the wooden rafters, room dividers or headboard details.

Krati Valecha.

To be creative with the budget, the design team focused on upcycling existing furniture and invested in only key statement pieces. The divan in the nursery was originally an antique bed inherited by the family.



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