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The poetry of light

The Illan lamp, designed by Zsuzsanna Horvath for Luceplan, is a result of experimentation with laser cutting applied to different materials

Technological innovation and research on materials are the fundamental factors in Luceplan's method, and Illan aptly conveys the essence of all-around experimentation, interpreted in terms of technology and expressive impact.

The remarkable decorative value of Illan and its emotional range expressed through the intelligent and original use of materials, make it a truly special lamp.

The idea of the lamp comes from experimentation with models of laser cutting applied to different materials. When sheets of paper and wood are cut geometrically, they take on new characteristics, suspended by the force of gravity. Translucency, flexibility and a delicate undulated movement are the distinctive characteristics of the Illan lamp.

The simple concentric cutting motif shapes wood into a three-dimensional sculptural object that reacts to the slightest movement of the air, while the warm glow of the light creates a relaxing sensation, reflecting on the wooden surface in harmonious resonance.

Illan is a project with a focus on sustainability. Its structure is made in certified wood FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) from forests managed in a correct, responsible way. All the phases of development and implementation are based on a rigorous ecological approach.



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