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WallPepper Group presents the WP/collections2020

New graphics from the Up-to-date collection reveal extraordinary and unexpected suggestions for decorating the modern living space

Up-to-date is the contemporary line by the WallPepper Group. The collection features bold textures, surprising optical effects, eclectic mixes of shapes and colours, abstract creations, hypnotic shapes, new geometries and minimalisms, and graphics that faithfully reproduce material finishes like marble, concrete, wood or metal. The final result on the wall is absolutely charming. Moreover, classical and timeless motifs are mixed with industrial styles and the unmistakable urban design.

Up-to-date is a "vibrant craft workshop" of ideas, projects, images and trends able to shape most topics. Also through cutting-edge creativity, it's able to advance the innovation in surface design and set new trends for wall decoration. Up-to-date creates a new aesthetic that is expressive and vogue, in line with people's changing lifestyles – both in contract and residential spaces.

WallPepper are decorative surfaces with unlimited expressive and functional possibilities. Made in Italy, they are made only with natural, eco-friendly, PVC-free and certified materials.



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