Secureye presents contactless 6-in-1 Dynamic Thermal Face Recognition

The compact 5-inch device features a single-touch operation that leverages a deep learning algorithm

Secureye has launched a 6-in-1 Dynamic Thermal Face Recognition device. The brand has always been at the forefront of developing valuable products to address existing challenges in security. The demand for ‘contactless’ screening devices is on the rise amid the profound impact of COVID-19 across the globe.

The 6-in-1 Dynamic Thermal Face Recognition device has a specialised Temperature Measurement Module imported from Japan. It comes with Hisilicon CPU for fast processing speed, Single Touch Operation functionality and Wide Dynamic Function. The device relies on a Deep Learning Algorithm to perform facial recognition within one second. Today, it is critical for corporations as well as other organisations to ensure the health safety of their employees, and in the most secure manner. Keeping this in mind, Secureye has stepped up to offer 6-in-1 Dynamic Thermal Face Recognition.

Other notable features of 6-in-1 Dynamic Thermal Face Recognition machine are multiple verification modes, fingerprint identification, alarm system, log capacity of five lakh units, and body temperature detection. It can measure the temperature from a distance of 30-80 cm. In case of any anomalies in the body temperature, the device flashes a warning sign and also blows an alarm to alert the concerned authorities.

The company spokesperson added, “Health safety has become critical today. Secureye is developing devices that could help corporations or even individual consumers to cover all aspects of verification of employees/people before welcoming them into premises. Combining the verification devices with temperature measuring techniques has become a new norm to promote a safe work environment. Going forward, there will be more innovations in this aspect.”

The device supports 1920 * 1080 pixels coloured camera, nine LEDs and can automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient illumination. For communication, the device relies on TCP/ IP and WiFi, and has advance feature support. The 6-in-1 Dynamic Thermal Face Recognition device is a powerful one that can perform facial recognition in the daytime (within 3 m) as well as at night (within 1.8 m). It can also identify subjects with different face angles, including left profile, right profile, 20 degrees up or 15 degrees down. The device can operate flawlessly within the humidity range of 20-80%.



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