Be mellow-dramatic.
Be mellow-dramatic.

A tale of charming contrasts

Parul Mittal, director, Greenlam Industries, has some easy-to-follow design tips to add dynamism to your space

Whether your creative instincts want to spill bold hues or mix ‘n’ match timeless combinations, a little bit of colour therapy can do wonders to the room. While this will help you bring about the much-required dynamism, the outlook of your interiors will exude sheer buoyancy. Also, who said you would require a complete transformation? Here are easy tips where you would require doing some switching, swapping and rearranging of interior elements for a contrasting home décor.

Yin and Yang!

Today, the kitchen area has become an intimate space and a personal expression of what makes you feel comfortable. Such spaces when furnished with modern elements gives it an elegant look. For this urbane look, explore the trending concept of closed cabinetry adorned in premium wooden laminates that are resistant to surface wear and tear, considering a kitchen’s heavy-usage. Go for this Fair Play laminate from NewMika, which comes with resistance to cracks, stain, heat and scratch, making it an ideal choice. Moreover, like a cherry on top, its light grey shade will take you to a contemporary world when paired with a darker tone of grey on walls. You can further accentuate your interiors with metallic fixtures or metallic rimmed wall art in rose gold finish. With this simple décor theme, get ready to experience a magnificent trance!

Enliven the supreme verve!

A powerful and an empowering tone in itself, red radiates strong emotions of passion, enthusiasm and warmth. This versatile colour is capable of instantly catching your eye and makes-up for a statement element. If you are looking to incorporate this shade neutrally, combine it with earthy tones for a natural look and feel. For instance, this Red Flame laminate from NewMika can be combined with light brown wooden textures to give it a timeless contrast. Since, this laminate comes with dimensional stability, you can use it in any climatic condition without worrying about replacing it seasonally.

As you unravel a distinct personality of red in your home, remember to keep your accents minimal adorned in a glamorous mattifying or glassware coating. Here, we suggest marrying refreshing vibes of succulents along with the scent of your decaying fiction books or other antique objects close to your heart.

Be mellow-dramatic!

A pinch of drama in your home can work as a push for starting the day amidst a cosy environment at your home. This is where dark hues unite with subtle pops of light tints, which beautifully weave a regal essence in your space. In order to ace this look, start with coupling the soothing aura of muted blue on your walls and cocooning feel of wooden floors in shades similar to spiced honey color palette.

To further add a breathtaking flair to your décor, go for lampshades or table clock in pure white to unleash sheer opulence when placed against your ornate blue backdrop. Complete this look by mixing your open and closed cabinets in wooden laminates that are ruling the preference chart with its extensive life span. For instance, this Zingled Zebrano laminate from NewMika is a highly durable surfacing solution with a 10 year warranty period. Apart from these qualities, its plush wooden texture will also inject an eclectic effervescence to your space. Lastly, layer it up with a self-made rug in your favorite pastel shade from old cloth materials to add some excitement while maintaining the mellow habitat.

As you bathe in sunny days and a nonchalant breeze, put on your thinking caps and take yourself to an adventurous ride of designing a dynamic and cheerful tale of your own!



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