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Arpita B Design Studio announces Neo-Morph collection

With two distinct products, the collection showcases stellar Indian craftsmanship with New Age vibes

Founder of Arpita B Design Studio, Arpita Bhandari's new collection Neo-Morph is imbued from the Neolithic and present age. It is the rebirth of the New Age. Neo-Morph aims to spread awareness about the talent possessed by homegrown artisans.

It is designed on the belief that the home should be a reflection of one’s desire. A abode is a story that is created by blending restored energy, refreshed feelings and rejuvenated memories. Having understood and practiced the modality of Theta Healing since the last seven years, and the subconscious mind, Bhandari curates pieces which are a reflection of the emotions felt, merged with design and originality.

Part of the collection, the Inside Out corner table light is a distinctive piece that brings together two diverse three-dimensional forms as one to be the focal point of a space. The materials infused to create this unique piece is an amalgamation of multiple natural resources. The use of black Indian marble symbolises inner strength. The pure and elegant white Makrana marble represents clarity and peace. The doorways integrated into the piece encourages one to embrace endless opportunities. Lastly, the visual delectation of classic blue colour evokes the feeling of calmness from within. Hence, Inside Out is an exact counterpart of our inner and outer self.

‘Bend a little’ chair is a malleable chair, which acclimates to your body. The inspiration for this design was derived from the quote - “Let your effort balance your ease, strength balance your flexibility, breath balance your rhythm”. The chair’s form is fluid and flowy, linked in a loop from end to end. The sides and back are hollow, allowing the person to revel in its weaves. The weaves are entwined in a way, where it binds itself to the wooden frames becoming one with it, creating a visceral sensation. This three-dimensional form is designed to activate positive vibrations when part of a space. Colours are a significant part of our pieces; the reds brighten and energise the space with its vibrancy.

Bhandari’s approach is intuitive, focusing on the need of the hour. This series is based on Mother Earth and the impact of COVID-19, urging people to find comfort in the world’s transition with the modest hues and design. It’s also a tribute to the stellar craftsmanship in India.



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The series will be launched on July 16 on