Violet colour has been used in the spin studio for a high-energy environment.
Violet colour has been used in the spin studio for a high-energy environment.

Broadway Interiors designs a fitness studio inspired by its industrial surroundings

Located in Al Quoz, Dubai, Crank studio provides a high-energy environment through its sensory design

Located in Al Quoz, Crank spin studio has been designed with special acoustic and lighting considerations to create a high-energy setting. As fitness concepts continue to rise in popularity in Dubai, new workout and wellness spaces are providing new milieu to interior architects. One such recent project is Crank studio by Broadway Interiors, which not only provides a high-energy environment through its sensory design, but also optimises the limitations presented by the industrial site. Located in the vibrant Al Serkal precinct, the modern studio features cutting-edge professional sound and lighting, underpinned by a strong design vernacular within the raw space.

Lounging area features furniture made out of repurposed materials.

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To encompass the concept of collaboration and connection, the design team created a V-shaped elevated stage in a central position for the instructor, creating a cohesive space. This also set the tone for the overall layout. Equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting to create a synchronised and pulsating experience, the spatial layout utilises chromotherapy concept to mirror the tempo of the music, energy and pace of the class, with blue lighting for cool down, yellow for warm ups and red for when the class reaches high intensity.

Broadway embraced the industrial elements of the building such as concrete floors, brick walls, exposed ceilings and steel finishes to work against the the raw backdrop. The rustic theme recurs in other details such as recycling pipes for tissue holders and mesh screens as dividers. “With very little natural light, we opted for a neutral colour palate to open the space, featuring touches of timber to soften, while adding character and fun through urban, street-style graffiti,” says Chris Barnes, founder, Broadway Interiors.

Meeting the strict design guidelines stipulated by Al Serkal was crucial, particularly the challenges in both MEP and structural provisions. “However, all guidelines were met with in a way which didn’t compromise the intent or the overall performance criteria, and we were able to create a mezzanine floor by double stacking to maximise functionality of the space,” says Barnes.

Strong branding references can be seen throughout.

Creating an additional area between the reception and the spin studio, the firm also worked with the acoustic and budget requirements by utilising carpet tiles to prevent the high-energy sound from reaching the outside. Toilets and shower rooms were created in a simplistic, industrial design with concrete brick walls, pendant lighting, wall art and laminated partitions.

An additional space was turned into secondary studio for stretching and yoga activities. The studio features quirky, recycled features, such as bikes on the wall and drums as a base for the reception counter, adding character and functionality within. Other function-based areas in the fitness outlet include a cafe, concealed storage rooms, and a lounging area.



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