Cairo Brown tiles from RAK CERAMICS.
Cairo Brown tiles from RAK CERAMICS.

Nine facts you thought you knew about tiles

Are tiles a good flooring/cladding option? Will the material add value to interiors? RAK CERAMICS helps us clarify our thoughts…

While people are highly involved with furniture, electrical gadgets, upholstery, décor, etc, for their homes or offices, tiles often get the short shrift. Some of that attitude can be attributed to misconceptions about the product itself. Here is a list of what people think is right, and what

Marble tiles can’t get wet
Marble is a highly absorbent material because of its soft stone nature. Be careful while using lotions, oils and hair colours as these can cause marbles to stain. Installation and purpose has to be borne in mind while choosing the right tile. Marble flooring, if properly sealed during installation, can survive well in wet areas like kitchens too. 

Grey tiles look dull
Grey in our times, is no longer the dull colour it was once called. The colour in itself brings an inviting look. Having said that, there are myriad shades you can select from.

Tiles are super cold
The floor is bound to get cold if your AC is set to 17°C degrees. Tile floors hold a moderate temperature. Other than that, the coldness of the tiles in general is not at all true.

Porcelain is weak and tiles are strong
Fine China or porcelain is named after its country of origin -  China. It is one of the hardest of ceramic wares, and can be used just about anywhere.

Grout cleaning is the most laborious task ever
The task will get tougher the longer you shy away from rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done. Surprisingly, plain hot water does the trick

Tiles are expensive
Quite the opposite, actually. Of course, there are expensive options available, but most flooring materials such as marble, slate, ceramics are quite affordable.

Tiles are boring for an ambience
The floor is what people observe the first - and the spectrum of designs available within the tile segment is vast. Wall tile designs that mimic the look of cement, wood, stone, metal, are anything but boring.

No maintenance or care is required
Tiles of any kind require upkeep and maintenance. A properly sealed floor requires less maintenance, but definitely requires timely maintenance.

Tile is not an environment-friendly option
When it comes to deciding the green-ness of a material, one needs to look for more than just the source. RAK CERAMICS is committed to developing eco-friendly products and recycles natural raw materials to help conserve natural resources.



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