Demonstratopn of 3D walk through by VR Technology - Codec developed by Space Matrix.
Demonstratopn of 3D walk through by VR Technology - Codec developed by Space Matrix.

Singapore-based workplace design consultancy firm Space Matrix brings ‘The Future of Workplace’ to India

Workplace Innovation Lab, launched by Space Matrix in Bengaluru, demonstrates how the physical and digital realms of design interact with and complement each other

Space Matrix, a leading multinational workplace design consultancy firm headquartered in Singapore with a specialisation in workplace design and build, launched its first state-of-the-art Workplace Innovation Lab in Bengaluru. The company has an existing presence in cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai.

At the event, over 50 industry leaders gathered to review, experience and interact with future workplace technologies. The Workplace Innovation Lab is intended to serve as a live example of how technology can be integrated efficiently into workplace design. It displays solutions that can create an efficient user (employee and visitor) experience in an office environment.

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Speaking at the launch, Jaiprakash Aildasani, regional managing director, India, Space Matrix, said, “From regulating office temperatures to enabling real-time collaboration across vast geographic locations – workplace technology is way more than just data and function today. It forms the very core of modern office design. Statistics indicate that, in just a few years, the market size of smart workplaces is estimated to stand at a whopping $43 billion. We thus aim to become an integrated design cum project delivery partner for all our clients.”

In the Innovation Lab, for instance, users can book and schedule meeting rooms and desks for better management of spaces and productive schedules of employees. These systems are further integrated with Building Services (lighting, HVAC, occupancy sensors, etc) and other technologies (like AV, Meeting Room/On-desk Pantry Ordering) to offer a coherent workplace solution. Other technologies include: smart-interactive collab screens with real-time annotations, classroom white board solution with inbuilt wireless presentation and conferencing software; a visitor management system with Facial Recognition and Host Notification System that eliminates the front-desk register and completely digitises the process of checking-in and out, within minutes, without compromising on security protocols, etc. The most interesting part is that most of these technologies and WorkPlace IOT solutions are integrated with each other by an “Umbrella Platform” that enables all of this to be accessed and used through a single app/cloud link on the user’s phone/tab/computer.

Akshay Lakhanpal, regional managing director, India, Space Matrix added, “We have developed the Workplace Innovation Lab to curate experiences for our clients (for their employees and clients alike). This also helps us move closer to giving tangible outcomes to our clients, wherein our lab acts as a testing ground for the initiatives, collating and analysing data before we approach the clients to embrace those initiatives. Bangalore being our biggest market, was the obvious choice for the launch of the innovation lab. We would be opening the next innovation lab in Delhi in the next six months. ”

User experience and technology is at the core of Space Matrix’s design offerings. The company recently conducted a three-month-long study to evaluate and compare technologies on offer and how they interface with each other and the users. The findings were an eye-opener and have helped Space Matrix to explore the solutions available in the market and recommend the best fit options to the clients. They were able to gain an understanding about which solutions can be used to create a seamless experience for the office users. Space Matrix welcomes people from the city to walk into their workplace innovation lab in Bengaluru to gain insights into the future of workplace.



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