Housed on the upper level of the existing Lower Parel store, BARO Market is a world by itself
Housed on the upper level of the existing Lower Parel store, BARO Market is a world by itself

Market at BARO, based at Lower Parel in Mumbai, is a celebration of beauty and design

BARO’s patrons have more to look forward to with the launch of BARO Market

Nestled within Sun Mill compound in Lower Parel, Mumbai, BARO is home to handcrafted furniture, unique lights, screen-printed cotton fabrics, bespoke linen, captivating curios and indigenous art. Now, patrons have even more to look forward to with the launch of BARO Market that marks two years of this décor store founded by Siddharth Sirohi and Srila Chatterjee

A showcase of collectibles on the upper level of the existing Lower Parel store, BARO Market is a world by itself. Presenting home-grown brands like 145 East, Absynthe Design, FroggMag, Rangeela, Rasa and Varnam Craft Collective, BARO Market is an enchanting space where one will find a wide choice of things to wear, gift or play with.

Explaining the genesis of BARO Market, co-founder Chatterjee says, “Over the past two years, we have used our space to introduce designers who are connected to grassroots craftsmen, and who come from places not often seen in Mumbai. What they universally told us was how much they enjoyed engaging with the people who came by and what a special experience it was. That is what led to the birth of BARO Market. The idea is to gather a collection of people we love, who work with the integrity and originality we believe in, and make products that are unique and special.”

From high fashion crafted with the humble gamcha (thin, coarse cotton) and beautiful hand-embroidered cushions, to art jewellery and men’s accessories that blur the lines between vintage and futuristic, BARO Market promises to promote all things original and exquisite – from the following brands…

Karthik Vaidhyanathan- Varnam Craft Collective: Karthik Vaidyanathan hails from the Chettinad region of South India. An Engineer-MBA by qualification, Karthik has no formal training in design. VARNAM (colours) is an ode to colourful India.

Madhulika and Manish- Rasa Jaipur: RASA is a luxury brand at the forefront of integrating this ancient craft into modern fashion. RASA was incorporated two decades ago by Madhulika and Manish, graduates of the NIFT, New Delhi in fashion and the NID, Ahmedabad in textiles. They use the traditional craft of hand block printing and have taken it to levels not seen before in this medium.

Rangeela: Rangeela is a Goa-based lifestyle brand that celebrates a laidback, conscious life in the tropics. Originally established in 1998 by an Australian designer, it has formed an iconic space in the Goan cultural landscape.   

Absynthe- Abhishek Basak: Abhishek Basak decided to take his hobby of designing products and jewellery seriously. Not just conventional design, but toying with the concept of time, incessantly smudging the concept of the vintage and futurism, and playing with antique watches.

Shoma Badoni and her son Rishab- 145 East: Shoma Badoni is the lady behind it all, together with her son Rishab, she founded 145 East. 145 East was born out of the collective story of a college dropout, of a former architect, of a mother of two, of a grandfather's love, out of the love for Calcutta, creativity and, of course, gamcha.

Froggmag: FroggMag designs and produces art products with the hope that they would open the eyes of the young and old to the wonder that is India! There is a story with every product, a story about the country - its art, its architecture, its heritage and its people.



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