Mirage: Resin emphasises colours, its  glass-like sheen mirroring the viewer
Mirage: Resin emphasises colours, its glass-like sheen mirroring the viewer

Resin artist Abhigna Kedia shares her thoughts on life and art

Abhigna Kedia, an artist who works with the medium of resin, reflects her principle of “Living is creating and creating is Art” in her work.

Each one-of-a-kind piece she creates, says resin artist Abhigna Kedia, is deeply instinctive, emotional enough to draw a viewer to get lost in its sublime realm. Her alternative abstract and expressionistic paintings are created with mixed media by layering acrylic paints, inks, pigments and resin.

Resin emphasises colours, its  glass-like sheen mirroring the viewer - thus personifying the work and making it instantly relatable. Kedia was mesmerised by this art form, its unpredictable and indestructible essence luring her to follow her passion.  Her approach, which keeps the fluidity of the art form, adding layers and having a conversation with colours, is grounded in her belief of delivering experiences of other dimensions.

Kedia keeps her art open to any form of interpretation. She elaborates, “My form of resin art encourages observers to have deeper conversations with the colours that are on them. They challenge you, help you confront your thoughts, make you feel comfortable...or even make you uncomfortable. They bring force to the muted and light colours that I use, embrace the force of natural light and amplify the energy of neutral walls. They consist of seven to eight layers with different techniques on each layer, the inter-twining of these layers taking on multiple hues. They are a reflection of me and the principles I live by.”

Bengaluru-based Kedia holds an Advanced Diploma in Art & Design from the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology and a Bachelor's in Visual Arts from Chitrakala Parishath. She expands on her mantra, ‘Home is where art is’ by citing the significance of art pieces in homes and how spaces can be interpreted through art as an extension of your personality.  “Art in homes says a lot about the residents. It recounts a non-verbal story -  evoking emotions and encouraging dialogue, initiating a connect with family and friends. It brings articulation to the energies that reside in the space, and go beyond being just an article of home decor.  The intensity of art draws individuals, making it a focal point of convergence to the space.”

Often, wall art is treated as an afterthought in the complete scheme of interior design. But in doing that, we miss out on an amazing design opportunity. Reiterating this fact, the artist recommends, "Keeping in mind that art and scheme go hand-in-hand, while a work of art that provides a burst of colour will be more likely to complement a muted space, a subtle piece can counterbalance a brightly-coloured room.”



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