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The Aces of Space Design Awards finale is tonight! Here's what the jury has to say...

The evaluation process by the jury of the Aces of Space Design Awards threw up some handy tips for future nominees

The Aces of Space awards jury on 9th October brought in a lot of insight from the jurors about their expectations from the nominees in terms of the improvements in submissions that need to happen in the future. After the evaluation of all the 900 shortlisted entries, the jurors gave in their inputs about what was best and what could have been done better in this process.

The judgement was based on certain guidelines provided by the team which were the following..

  1. Originality - something we haven't seen before, something invented from scratch.
  2. Visual Appeal - beauty, boldness, aesthetic appeal.
  3. Craftsmanship - how well does this project integrate craftsmanship and demonstrate mastery of a craft?
  4. Function - how well does this space deliver the desired functional outcomes?
  5. Sustainability-how well does this project contribute to positive environmental outcomes, with specific consideration of local environmental impact, management and reduction of waste, water and energy consumption?
  6. Visionary thinking - does this project push boundaries, does it achieve something bigger than the intended commercial outcomes? Fulfilment of the client brief/projects us points can be awarded to projects with community focused outcomes.

The jury process was very informative as well as tiresome for the jurors to judge a large number of entries in limited time frame. To curate a piece of architecture, a lot of brainstorming and continuous efforts are made by the architect, evaluating it in a few minutes is a very difficult task and sometimes the jury can miss out on the key aspects of one’s design. To avoid this, one should keep this in mind while presenting their work.

The concept sheet needs to highlight all the key features the design has along with the pictures, as it frames the first impression and holds on to the attention of the juror.

The write up has to be minimal, architects and designers believe in the power of visuals. Your design and presentation speak for themselves. The graphical representation needs to speak up for the design, be up to the mark and cover all the key features.

Properly feature and highlight the fresh/new techniques and methods adopted in your design, the ideas which are out of the box tend to stand out in front of us. We receive nominations from all over the country, which makes it very important to establish the context in which the design has evolved.

These were some of the inputs we recieved from our jury which can be followed by the nominees for the next set of awards which can make the process simpler for them and also make your designs stand out.

The jurors selected the best from the pile of entries, which will be awarded at the Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba on the Awards night on 18th October - that's tonight! 



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