Villa in the Palms, Goa by Abraham John Architects
Villa in the Palms, Goa by Abraham John Architects
House of Three Streams, Lonavala by Arjun Malik, Malik Architecture
House of Three Streams, Lonavala by Arjun Malik, Malik Architecture
Wood House, Coorg, Karnataka by Ravindra Kumar, Pragrup
Wood House, Coorg, Karnataka by Ravindra Kumar, Pragrup

Aces of Space Design Awards 2019: Architecture - Residential

While Alan Abraham of Abraham John Architects and Arjun Malik of Malik Architecture were the winners, Ravindra Kumar of Pragrup was the runner-up

The residential category always has the largest amount of entries, and that made it very difficult to settle for one winner.

And so, we have two...

Winner - Alan Abraham, Abraham John Architects


Project - Villa in the Palms, Goa

Villa in the Palms, a private commission to build a single family, three-bedroom house on a 1300sq-m plot in the coastal state of Goa, India, has been designed around nature, exhibiting great warmth through its use of natural elements. The plot was dotted by 20, 60ft tall, 50-year-old coconut trees and enjoys a view of a large field towards the north that was physically disconnected by a seasonal stream.


The ground floor has three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a rear garden, a front garden and an internal courtyard flanked by laterite walls. The bedroom at the plot’s western end features a walk-in closet and a spa-like bathroom with both indoor and outdoor showers.

Bridges and covered decks meandering through the trees connect these volumes. Roofs were pitched at different angles representative of the village houses in the surroundings to accentuate the staccato/ fragmented aesthetic of the building. The front view of the villa gives an entirely different sensation from that at the back.

Winner - Arjun Malik, Malik Architecture

Arjun Malik

Mrs. Malik received the award of behalf of her son, Arjun

Project - House of Three Streams, Lonavala

The topography of the land, the material memory of the surrounding forts, the light of the forest, and the deep water-discharging ravines have created a dominant palimpsest of contextual parameters on to which the house has been woven. The resonance of the large load-bearing wall that traces the ridge between two ravines anchors the proposal and establishes itself as a 'found' element, resonating the contours and material of the walls of the Tungi and Lohgad forts to the east and north of the site.

Its contours reference the horizon and the hill. The deconstructed language of the tree-like structures that support the roof liberate the edges where shaded spaces and the forest merge. 

house of three

As the site flows to Pawna lake, so does the house, capture views of the lake between the trees. Formal planning strategies are incapable of absorbing the radical flow of the land and water, and everything from the spatial quality to the material language echoes the spirit of the site. The outcome is entirely a manifestation of the context of this space.

Runner up - Ravindra Kumar, Pragrup

Ravindra Kumar

Ravindra Kumar's partner (and co-founder of Pragrup) poses on stage with the memento

Project - Wood House, Coorg, Karnataka

The Wood House is a transition space residence building embodying the elusive architectural quality of blurring the line between external and internal spaces. The Wood Pavilion was designed with the intent to provide a resilient shelter from adverse weather, whilst creating the internal environment replicating the sensation of always being outdoors.

Simplicity in the design of The Wood House is complemented by the oblique roof angle almost reminiscent of a child drawing a home, but has an intrinsic complicated geometry of the diagonal frames of the oblique roof slopes forming a complex parametric and aerodynamic structure with super stability. It is the only timber, no-steel no-concrete construction in Coorg, Karnataka, India.

wood house



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