Gupta Residence in Hosur, designed by Farah Ahmed of FADD Studio
Gupta Residence in Hosur, designed by Farah Ahmed of FADD Studio

Aces of Space Design Awards: Interior Design - Residential

The two winners in the Residential Interior Design category are Farah Ahmed of FADD Studio for Gupta Residence in Hosur and Vyoma Patwa Motiramani of Design Lab Vyoma for The Sanctum House, Mumbai; while the two runners-up are Sidhartha Talwar of Studio Lotus for Twin Cubes and a Court, New Delhi and Tushar Vasudevan of Ochre Architects for Neethi Residence, Bengaluru

Interiors in the Resiential category are all about creating happy spaces where one can have an evenful time with family and friends, so they have to be curated carefully according to each family's needs while making the optimum utilisation of space.

Winner - Farah Ahmed, FADD Studio

FADD Studio

Farah Ahmed's award was received by Dheeraj Dhamu B, senior interior designer of FADD Studio

Project - Gupta Residence, Hosur

The clients wanted international sensibility paired with quirkiness and a place that provided a canvas for experimentation. The 10,000sq-ft residence is built on a 27,000sq-ft plot that has been landscaped using Zen and tropical elements.

Set inside a tropical and lush gated community, this holiday home is self-effacing with its grey exterior and Prussian blue columns. In contrast to the understated exterior, the inside of the home is a burst of boldness and drama. A meticulously detailed geometry of vibrant blue, soft peach and muted grey floor tiles imparts a chic and rhythmic energy to the space. The geometry continues into the celling that is composed of thin slatted pinewood and curves at the passage leading to the far side of the house.

FADD Studio

In the living room, a fascinating lamp composed of an umbrella perched above a chandelier and balanced by a boxing bag designed by Philippe Starck, anchors the main living set-up. The open kitchen and dining are in shades of grey and blue. The openness of the whole space is perfect for viewing the pièce de résistance, a ceramic installation by Vinod Daroz.

In the guest bedrooms, the palettes are soft and wintery; the master bedroom is grand yet minimal with brass highlights and the son’s bedroom is blue and black. All the bathrooms are lavish; the master bathroom, especially, is fit for royalty. The beauty of this house is that every room opens on to greenery. This house marries the desire of a luxurious home with comfortable, vibrant spaces.

Winner - Vyoma Patwa Motiramani, Design Lab Vyoma

Vyoma Patwa

Project - The Sanctum House, Mumbai

The residential space has elements that thrive in perfect elegance and bliss, creating a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere as the name suggests - The Sanctum House. The project was completed from scratch in around 120 days, including civil, plumbing, and electrical work as well as carpentry, painting, etc.

The programme is an open-plan one, where the living, dining and the kitchen space of the house co-exist together and complement each other, allowing the family to reconnect with one another and spend quality time together. A luxurious yet soothing space has been curated showcasing a balance of aesthetics, and optimisation of space is done in each room, with its own unique style reflecting the personalities of the end-users.

Vyoma Patwa

The restrained colour palette of beige and browns creates a serene and welcoming place. Carefully crafted brass strips, highlights the frame in almost all areas, achieving a sense of grandeur. The elegant Armani Brown marble creates the backdrop for the TV wall, while the crisp deep bevelled glass piece helps in opening up the space.

The design for this site was driven by the on-site challenges of random placement of multiple varied structural elements such as an existing beam, a wooden column, metal jacketed columns, brick piers, etc. As the apartment had openings only on the shorter side and the longer sides had no openings, the space zoning was done such that each of the three rooms and the living area had huge ventilation windows.

To use the structure efficiently and add symmetry, a pseudo column was added beside the TV wall, which also doubles up as a sleek and classy storage unit. A ceiling design took into account the position of the beams, which were eventually used to an aesthetic advantage.

Runner up - Sidhartha Talwar, Studio Lotus

Siddharta Talwar

Project - Twin Cubes and a Court, New Delhi

Stark cubic volumes comprise this pair of minimalist residences located alongside a busy highway, connected by a tranquil inner court. The challenge of designing twin houses in a proximity of a bustling highway translated into a programme where contemporary architectural language created the ideal shell for interior spaces richly layered with handcrafted materials, bespoke furniture and curated elements.

studio lotus

The subtle material palette, while continued in the interiors, is infused with luxury through craftsmanship and contrasted
with strong patterns. A combination of stone, time and metal create an ambience of understated opulence. With intricately-crafted fixtures and art pieces dotting the contemporary shell, the living areas in the twin houses are marked by a sense of openness.

Variations of a bold monochromatic chevron pattern run as a common thread in the interior; sleek elements such as brass detailing and metal skirting accentuate the spaces. The bespoke furniture forms the core for the design expression within the house - clean, contemporary silhouettes have been used throughout, in a variety of materials.

Runner up - Tushar Vasudevan, Ochre Architects


Project - Neethi Residence, Bengaluru

This urban residence looks inwards – the pool and garden are accommodated within, and skylights bring ample natural light to the interiors. With an all-white palette enhancing the natural greenery and the blue of the swimming pool, the contemporary and minimal interiors of the house use only veined marble and hints of wood to provide subtle contrasts.

The architectural form explores two linear tube-like structures that house a bedroom suite each, seemingly floating over a large ground floor area that seamlessly accommodates the living, dining and other common areas. Internal courtyards and swimming pool are also visually part of this space.


With a skylight spanning the space between the two tubes, there is plenty of daylight reaching the ground floor; and visual ties with the upper level bedrooms are also achieved. Columns and wall planes are expressed in their thickness and align with cove lights in the ceiling - giving these planes a visually mobile quality.



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