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Aparna Kaushik unveils five exquisite ways to design bathrooms

Each design is stunning, carved with exceptional materials, fixtures and captivating artworks

New-Delhi-based architect Aparna Kaushik presents a collection of bathrooms that take the concept of rejuvenation to a new level. With meticulously considered aesthetic features, the bathrooms offer a serene and sophisticated environment that is soothing for both the body and mind.

As bathrooms evolve from being merely functional areas to harmonious sanctuaries that indulge all senses and take away the stress of modern life, there is a lot of thought being invested in their design. Aparna conceives the bathrooms mostly in white or neutral palette, subtle variations of shades creating an exhilarating sensation. Sublime design features impart a touch of class and calm. And high-tech functional amenities make them top notch bathrooms for a refreshing experience.

1. Msrble and Gold details

Stunning white Michaelangelo stone running from floor to the walls lends a palpable serenity to this master bathroom conceived in the spirit of renaissance. Sunlight entering through the window washes over the sunken jacuzzi adding vitality all around. Antique gold finish details on the vanity add a touch of sophistication to the entire space.

2. Art Accents

A plush and classy bathroom surprises with a hint of quirky. The artwork – a print of the century’s most famous self-portrait by Rene Magritte ‘The Son of Man’ – is an attention grabber. It depicts a man in bowler hat whose face is obscured by a hovering green apple with his eyes peeking over the apple’s edge. The luxurious Blue Breccia stone sets an opulent background with cove lights on both sides creating a mellow mood. Grooves in the marble add detailing and intimacy. Accents of antique brass finished metal further accentuate the regal aura around.

3. Skylight Feature

Perfect practical features meld with immaculate aesthetics in this master bathroom awash in the brightness of sun beaming through a central skylight and the luminosity of the gorgeous white marble. Antique gold metal finish of the faucets and chandelier adds sparkle to the space. The bathroom is fully equipped with a steam chamber, vanity, full length mirrors, a claw-foot tub with a gorgeous onyx feature wall as a backdrop. Built-in motorized blinds help control the sunlight from the skylight.

4. Statement Light

The Mademoiselle de Demidoff painting by Giovanni Boldini imparts a sensual air to this bathroom clad in Michaelangelo stone on the walls and floor. The back-lit mirror reflects the mosaic feature on the wall opposite, creating an endless flow of harmony in the space.

5. Art in Mosaic 

A feature wall decorated with a mosaic design highlighted with cove lights on both sides offers a charming backdrop to an elegant clawfoot bathtub. The sidetable with metal legs finished in antique brass polish, along with the clawfoot and an abstract chandelier adds a touch of opulence to the serene environment. The carpet in a similar shade as the feature wall complements it beautifully, with the Michaelangelo stone on the floor and the walls forming a perfect background.



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