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Three 'Super Surfaces' to try this year

Kumar Varma, founder, Super Surfaces suggests trends for 2020 for both interior and exterior surface applications

The surface furnishing space in India has evolved over the years now. The solutions now range from comfort designs to an artistic orientation showcasing epitome of quality, classy designs and unique pieces of art. These surface furnishes are at par with the evolving and booming interior industry. At Super Surfaces, a design and delivery company that specializes in seamless luxury wall and surface finishing, we have identified key trends in furnishing industry that will rule the year 2020.

An interior and exterior finishing solution, Glimmerputz produces a modern matt satin effect with micaceous reflections and natural stone shades. The colour can be personalised using the colour scheme of the brand. One of the preferred colour palates will be terracotta red this season. This furnishing is all about easy application and its modern matt satin effect.

This finish is defined by the use of natural minerals, lime, marble powder, and mica. It lends an authentic feel to the surface. The finish also ages beautifully and has a natural resistance to mold and bacteria. It is used for interior furnishing

MicroCement is cement and quartz based lining with a layer of thin colour (1 to 2 mm). It has a soft, smooth finish, making it ideal for modern and minimalist spaces. It is applicable on all types of hard surfaces. It can be applied on floors, walls, stairs, furniture and other, both indoors and outdoors. You don’t need joints or gaskets, therefore, one can achieve continuous surfaces and it is combinable with other materials such as wood, ceramic, etc.

One of the greatest advantages of MicroCement is that it can be applied over existing linings such as ceramics, mosaics, marble and tiles. It allows you to renovate space without suffering from disorder, dirt, or the cost of traditional construction work and achieve Seamless finishes, in no time at all. A modern alternative, tasteful, with rapid implementation and easy maintenance: damp cloth and wax.



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