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Script your space with Classic Blue, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

2020 is all about feeling the blues - the calm and relaxing kind - and Script has just the right furniture recommendations for you.

If you’re planning to redesign your home this year, why not give it a facelift with Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2020, Classic Blue. Imprinted in our minds as a restful color, classic blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit. It is a colour that releases positive energy and can transform the mood of a space giving a feeling of coziness and freedom of living. Keeping this inspirational hue in mind, Script by Godrej & Boyce has you covered if you are looking to splash your home with Classic Blue!

Define your room's emotion with the navy blue Lagoon Bed that comes with a large multi-purpose quilted headboard, small shallow side storage, placed over a charming knitted rug. This one is perfect for those days that you just want to work from the comfort of your home, or your bed. Designed for a new way of living, primarily to exude care and multi-functionality, the Lagoon Bed by Script is the perfect furniture to bring any room to life!

Picture yourself in a debonair setting right in your living room, cocooned in a stylish sofa. The Classic Blue Mellow Single Sofa flaunts a graceful plush seat, which you can colour-co-ordinate with a classy cushion in velvet or wool to make you feel instantly relaxed and in a state of pure bliss.

The three-seater Dark Blue Edge Sofa with its upholstery adorned in navy blue will transform the room into one that exudes care, comfort and relaxation. It is a colour that never goes out of fashion and a fabric that is long lasting. Throw in a stylishly printed rug and coffee table too to complete the cozy look.

Every home needs a movie-night and me-time spot, a space that reflects a sense of liberty and relaxed interaction with the surrounding. Experience modern living with the Ink Blue three-seater Harbor Sofa. With its high back support and specially designed wing cushions, this sofa chair carefully embraces you and exudes a combined sense of luxury and leisure.  



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