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Ojas Art Gallery presents Merging Narratives

Anubhav Nath, Curatorial Director of Ojas Art Gallery presents the exhibition featuring award winning artists Bhajju Shyam, Lado Bai and Santosh K Das

Merging Narratives brings together three Ojas Art Award winning artists Bhajju Shyam, Lado Bai and Santosh K Das through their traditionally-inspired narratives that have been passed through the ages, transforming simple subjects into sacred beings. Themes of tradition and simple beliefs… are clearly comprehended in all the works and sketches displayed.

The exhibition presents more than 50 artworks of different genres of folk and indigenous art of the country. Santosh K Das is a master in Mithila art with an exceptional talent for unique graphic experimentation with forms and creating a definite statement of installing the traditional art to a contemporary platform. The exhibition also features Gond art by Bhajju Shyam who is honoured by Padma Shri for his works, and Bheel tradition of art by Lado Bai. The art displayed are unique expressions of these artists and encapsulate the history and contemporary times of the regions. The artworks are significant for their historic and academic relevance as well as for their aesthetic value.

The genres go back to century old traditional knowledge which has been passed from generations. Requiring a distinct approach and understanding, often varying from the modern sensibility, indigenous art speaks a language that invites exploration and discovery. The visual representation presents a refreshing lexicon of motifs, compositions and styles.

“I believe that art has a language. It makes the spectators feel and with the Merging Narrative we explore the connection that the human mind and soul has with art,” shares Anubhav Nath, curatorial director, Ojas Art Gallery.

Where: At Ojas Art Gallery, 1AQ, Near Qutab Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi
When: Till March 30, 2020
Time:11am - 7pm (closed on mondays and Holi)



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