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Green Future launches Slimline Glass Door series

The Slimline Glass Doors provide a much greater glass area than current standard casement doors

Green Future Company, a trusted brand in the field of uPVC doors & windows since 2010, recently launched the Slimline Glass Door series in the Indian market. The Slimline series is the minimal frame series wherein large panels which are otherwise difficult to handle even by 100 mm sections are handled by just 20mm visible framing.This system is developed on a different technology wherein glass is not considered as a weak material but in fact used as a main strength for the large size openings with minimal aluminium framing. Engineered bearing mechanism makes it possible to slide these heavy panels with ease.

These Slimline Glass Doors provide a much greater glass area than current standard casement doors and are perfectly suited for both modern and traditional houses, points out Pankaj Geol, director of Green Future.

Available in different sizes, models and frame colours, these customisable glass doors are soundproof, rust proof, waterproof and termite proof, and the company provides 10 years warranty on the product. The company believes in giving the best for the customer. Their portfolio has best in class solutions from all over the world. They offer solutions from Germany, Italy, USA etc and bring world class products to the Indian consumer.



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The series will be launched on July 16 on