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V Construct’s unique office also serves as a demonstration space for their solutions

Team One Architects has designed the area as a live presentation of the services that the company offers

V Construct is a company that specialises in software-based solutions for the construction industry, including virtual design and construction, software solutions for construction, and administration of projects and accounting. They recently moved into their new office, which was designed to demonstrate the services that they offer. The office is a live presentation of the solutions that they offer their customers. When it came to designing their office, they approached Team One Architects.

On their part, Team One has incorporated several different materials, concepts and themes, using the culture, principals and solutions that V Construct offers. The office is a living presentation or proof of the successful implementation of the V Construct solutions. In addition, it is representational of the people within the organisation. The space serves young, dynamic individuals in the form of over 300+ construction, engineering and technology experts.

Every area of the office is designed with a unique objective. For instance, the lobby uses metal with lighting in an innovative way, showcasing the execution of a virtual design. The passages in the office make use of unique yellow stripes clearly demarking the walkways, but also encouraging movement within the workspace. The office foyer is innovatively designed using wood, creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional. The wooden steps with a railing make for a wonderful perch to deliver addresses, while the meeting room too is neatly placed. Also, the ceiling uses some unique designs to create a floating effect with the air-conditioners aesthetically placed.

The cafeteria is open and forms a multifunctional space, using wood and other elements. The lights and design elements add to the appeal. Workstations have been designed such that they offer teams the opportunity to have informal bay meetings. At the same time, all the workstations are height adjustable, ensuring that people can set the space as per their comfort. Keeping with the open office policy, the break-out areas too have been designed using angles and unique materials. An installation uses containers to create unique sit-out areas and give a rustic café-style feel. Phone booths too have been clearly and artistically demarked for all private conversations. Taking inspiration from sleep pods, unique installations make the wellness room a quirky space. 

Tasked with making a unique space, the architects have truly created a quirky office that is fun, but also energising.



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