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Grundfos’ Hydro MPC E water boosters claim to have the highest energy efficiency in market

Offer IE5 class of efficiency, making them an ideal candidate for water power boosting with minimum energy consumption

Varying water pressure is a common phenomenon across high-rise structures and large water distributing networks. Apart from this, water pressure is an issue among applications involving water supply for households and demanding industrial processes. While conventional pressure boosting pumps and devices address these challenges, need of the hour is how efficiently these pumping systems work with minimum energy spent.

Grundfos’ Hydro MPC E water boosters, which have state-of-the-art Grundfos MGE motors, offer IE5 class of efficiency, making them an ideal candidate for water power boosting with minimum energy consumption.

The Hydro MPC E is an innovative, dynamic and compact product in the hydro booster portfolio with the highest level of energy efficiency. The all-in-one packaged solution is assembled, tested and shipped as a single ‘plug & play’ system to customers. As a part of the Grundfos iSOLUTIONS product portfolio that provides intelligence to pump systems, Hydro MPC E is loaded with a host of intuitive functionalities, which ensures non-return valve fault detection and also has a secondary sensor that avoids system failure. Its energy efficient features optimise system performance with minimum energy.

Key features and highlights
•          Portfolio strength: Hydro MPC E solution is an addition to the vast variety of pumps offered by Grundfos, among its CRE/ NBE/ NKE/ TPE range of pumps, for customers to choose for their varied applications
•          Easy installation: The product is fully pre-fabricated at the factory, thereby ensuring hassle free installation at site
•          Low flow stop: The intelligent system turns off the pressure booster in case of low water consumption and conserves energy
•          Reliability through redundancy: In order to avoid downtime, Hydro MPC E is designed with redundant sensors to take over in case of primary sensor fault
•          Energy optimised features: With inbuilt pump curve data, HYDRO MPC E always knows the efficient combination of pumps to deliver lowest specific energy consumption
•          On-board ethernet: Hydro MPC E has a free to use on-board ethernet connection, which enables the user to control and monitor without investing in an expensive remote management system

Hydro MPC’s can be installed in a large variety of buildings and systems, and are very common in:
•          Public water supply systems
•          Residential buildings
•          High-rise buildings
•          Hotels
•          Hospitals
•          Industrial processes
•          Irrigation systems



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