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Siemens Smart Infrastructure has launched the ‘smart building suite’ in India

Smart building suite drives employee productivity and workplace efficiency

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has launched the ‘smart building suite’ in India that will adapt to user needs, improve employee performance and enable ways to use office space more efficiently and economically. The suite is designed to improve employee productivity through personalisation and better employee experience. It is based on digitalisation and interactive tools.

The suite includes technologies from Silicon Valley firms Comfy and Enlighted, both acquired by Siemens. Comfy is a workplace experience platform, whilst Enlighted is an IoT platform for smart buildings consisting of multi-function sensors, distributed computing and its own network and software applications. These platforms enable the user to design optimised spaces with enhanced features like, asset utilisation, environmental management and safety.

These platforms complement and integrate with existing technologies in the Siemens Smart Infrastructure portfolio, forming a comprehensive offering for smart offices in new and existing buildings. The offering includes Desigo CC, an open building management platform; Desigo Room Automation, a range of building automation systems which integrate HVAC, lighting and shading systems; fire safety and security products and systems; and advisory and performance services. This paves the way for a user-friendly infrastructure interface.

“Driving employee productivity and workspace efficiency are key aspects of the future workplace. The smart building suite is aimed at increasing agility, collaboration, connectivity and sustainability. In addition, the solution addresses ergonomic, environmental, and technology needs across all generations,” said Robert Demann, head of Siemens Smart Infrastructure in India.



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