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Nitin Kohli Home introduces new living room furniture

The collection consists of straight-lined and modern furniture pieces

Nitin Kohli Home’s latest range of contemporary furniture for the living room has been unveiled.

The designs of these straight-lined and modern furniture pieces are unique, and designer Nitin Kohli has taken care to keep practicality both in design and the choice of materials. The line-up includes:

Plush sofa: Featuring modern lines, and emitting a comfortable vibe is a rectangular-shaped sofa. The beautiful mushy blue hue of the upholstery adds to the relaxed mood.

Centre table: It features a top made from coconut shells, while the base is formed by a composition of humble bricks. The outcome is a warm, rustic furniture piece, which can be used in a variety of settings.

Accent furniture: The collection also includes accent furniture like the wood and wrought-iron bench, a wonderfully crafted mouse grey lounger, a display unit made from wooden blocks supported on fly-ash bricks, and side tables featuring unpolished wood and natural stone.



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