Span Floors, Launch, Laminate Herringbone collection, Zero PVC content, European E1 grade, Health safety label A+, Chrome zone technology

Span Floors launches the Laminate Herringbone collection

With zero PVC content and manufactured to European E1 grade with a health safety label A+, it ensures a healthy impact on indoor air quality

Span Floors has launched its Laminate Herringbone collection 2020. Manufactured in a modern plant in France, this collection is especially suitable for customers looking for the classy, real wood look and feel, yet at comparatively reasonable pricing in the trendy herringbone pattern. One of the challenges with a laminate floor is its appearance. Most consumers still confuse laminate floors with real wood floors. However, wood-look laminate floors are essentially prints of wood (and not real wood), and one of the key parameters that defines its quality is how good this print is. Once the high level of print quality that captures the detail and nuances of a real wood floor is achieved, the next challenge is capturing the real wood texture that can be felt by hand and is extremely realistic. And being a flooring product, it has to be able to take the day-to-day abrasion in the Indian context, where conditions are comparatively dustier, not to mention the habit of damp mopping the floors every day.

The new Herringbone collection by Span Floors solves exactly the above issues. Unlike most run-of-the-mill laminate floors, it looks very close to real wood, both in terms of how it looks as well as how it feels upon touch. With zero PVC content and manufactured to European E1 grade with a health safety label A+, it ensures a healthy impact on indoor air quality, one of the key parameters that Span floors focus on. The high-quality core made of high-density fibre board is well capable of taking the day-to-day knocks, and handles the damp mopping habits of Indian households quite effectively. The click locking system ensures no glue is used to fix the flooring planks, thus avoiding any introduction of harmful chemicals into a household.

This flooring comes in rectangular planks, which are installed in a herringbone pattern, and is available in eight trendy colours covering the current design palette in the architectural & interior design world; some colours come with the unique Chrome zone technology, which essentially is a slight gloss in the open pore grains similar to lacquered real wood floors.



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