Portronics - Biolock.
Portronics - Biolock.

Portronics introduces Biolock for smart homes

A secure & portable smart biometric padlock

Portronics launches Biolock – a smart biometric padlock. The newly launched smart lock is quite sturdy and can be used for various purposes, from locking doors to cabinets to storage lockers and bikes, etc.

One can now bid adieu to the hassles of forgetting passwords or losing keys as using Biolock doesn't require installation of any new application or even a Bluetooth connection; your fingerprint will be the key. This lock allows one to add up to 40 fingerprints, every individual who is authorised can access the lock in just 0.5 seconds.

Equipped with an LED indicator, this smart lock is made of stainless steel with a rugged zinc alloy coating to provide excellent tamper resistance. Being IP66 rated makes the Biolock water- and dust-resistant. Biolock is light in weight and weighs only 59 grams.

Biolock is a rechargeable smart padlock that comes with an in-built 100mAh battery that gets fully charged within 30 minutes and lasts upto 6 months. Connect the lock to USB power supply to recharge it with any 5V USB adaptor once the battery gets drained out.



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