Digiplus Alkaline Water Purifier
Digiplus Alkaline Water Purifier

Havells India presents new Digiplus alkaline water purifier

Part of its new range of kitchen appliances, the water purifier by Havells enhances the mineral quality of the water

Digiplus alkaline water purifier by Havells is a perfect amalgamation of technology, design brilliance and convenience. Made with an alkaline taste enhancer, it improves pH level of water by adding essential alkaline minerals and lowers the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) resulting into antioxidant nature of water, which is healthier for the body.

The water purifier features best-in-class purification technology with eight stages of 100% RO and UV water purification. It also enhances the oxygen level in water and adds back the full spectrum of natural minerals and trace elements to deliver healthier water for your family.

The purifier comes packed with several convenience features such as smart alerts, cartridge life indicator and maintenance alerts which make it the perfect water purifier for a modern and healthy home.



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