The new combi-steam oven.
The new combi-steam oven.

Gaggenau unveils new combi-steam ovens

The two new series by Gaggenau with its new technological features makes cooking healthier and easy

The Gaggenau combi-steam ovens 400 and 200 series has an automated cleaning system that uses a cartridge and the oven’s water supply to thoroughly descale and clean the cavity. The automatic programmes offer assistance as you master different recipes by inputting individual settings and preferences into the intuitive TFT touch display.

The full surface grill, behind glass for ease of cleaning, makes these ovens both specialised and yet versatile. The multiple core temperature probe offers control, accurate to a degree, and it continually revises the estimated remaining cooking time based on the various sensors’ readings. With the addition of the vacuuming drawer, in both the 400 and 200 series, you will become as adept at sous vide as the professional.

The most obvious and liberating innovation is in regards to the cavity, enlarged to a cavernous 50 litres and, importantly, the same width as a regular oven. This creative space also enjoys a flattering, glare-free lighting system. The steam is generated outside the cavity, reducing any calcification issues while the new generation of brushless, silent motors quietly and efficiently help maintain humidity, air flow and heat to within a degree of accuracy.



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The series will be launched on July 16 on