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New technologies are changing the way we look at furniture making

The furniture business has gone through an absolute transformation and is expected to go through a lot more, shares Sammeer Pakvasa, MD, Eleganz Interiors

Recent times have witnessed technology becoming an integral part of an individual’s day-to-day life. These advancements have been reshaping consumer expectations and the very way businesses are run. This revolutionising effect can be seen in the furniture industry as well. Here are some changes that can be vividly felt with regards to furniture making via technological changes

Altering furniture design

Furniture is being custom-made so that the user can easily access a whole range of devices whilst sitting on the chair. Further, corporate spaces have witnessed yet another transition where the design includes feature boundaries, private spaces and acoustical properties. Modern furniture has accelerated this change by adding visual and privacy elements such as chairs with top and side panels, fixtures that can be reconfigured at a moment’s notice, desk dividers that help block visual distractions and several others.

Age of accessories

Small office accessories are trendy and are known to serve multiple purposes. For instance, the dry-erase board primarily used for note-making is also a tool used for decluttering the space around. Further, it entails a magnetic glass panel which is self-standing and double sided in nature. Its properties enable it to work as a desk partition that can enhance privacy in open offices whilst serving its main objective.

Internet of things (IoT)

Designers are coming up with items that can be accessed by a mere click of button. Certain options available today include armchairs, wherein users can adjust the tilt with their smartphones. Modern times have also witnessed work tables with tablets embedded in them, wherein one can control these even when they aren’t physically present around. These changes have a remarkable effect on productivity as professionals can work from anywhere, at any time.

Sammeer Pakvasa, MD, Eleganz Interiors

The furniture sector has seen a 360-degree change with technology taking over. Multiple trends like minimalism, which were prevalent in the previous era, have come to a decline, while several new styles have come to the picture. While transition has been gradual, the furniture business has gone through an absolute transformation and is expected to go through a lot more.



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