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A coworking marvel with Featherlite

The space is equipped with latest technology and complies with contemporary standards of employee productivity

A co-working space in Hyderabad designed and owned by Table Space Technologies, has been proven to be one of the most efficiently managed and impeccably designed offices in the emerging IT hub of the country. The design intent is to make the workplace smooth and hassle free; creating a conducive work environd for the employees.

Picking up the trend of bare ceilings with visible vents and services for a raw look, the designers have taken it up a notch by incorporating an interesting suspended honeycomb roof element that spreads over certain sections of the workspace. The aspect of collaboration among colleagues and a loosely bound hierarchical categorisation has been beautifully displayed in the design.

A new definition for workspaces and workstations is being laid & formulated by Featherlite. From workstations to tables to hangout spaces, the concept of opaque cubicles are replaced by vibrant open spaces. Instead of adding rigid boundaries with the formulation of cabins, intelligent furniture systems by Featherlite like the Genesis Pod and Genesis Booth have been integrated in the design along with wooden louver style partitions. The Pod creates a bohemian environment and a relaxed perception of a work environment while catalysing employee efficiency and productivity.

It is a micro office that is less expensive than traditional offices, allowing more people to fit into a smaller space. It features three-seater comfortable sofas on either side of a centre table enclosed by specially designed sound absorbing acoustic walls. The Booth can turn any space into a private enclosure. Built in with plug and play electrical connections it allows office workers to stay within their workspace and attend phone calls with the desired level of privacy.

Apart from these special systems, the workspace furniture has been arranged in an otherwise open floor plan in such a fashion that it boosts productivity and interaction among the team that results in a higher addition of intellectual value to the employees. A mild colour palette of yellow and white paired with bright pastel coloured furniture gives a very calm and relaxed official feel to the workspace and curbs the redundancies of traditional uptight offices. A play of colours in a melange patterned carpet that designate typologies of spaces also add to the excitement and curiosity in addition to an intangible visual transition.

With these brilliant design solutions and state-of-the-art furniture by Featherlite, the TableSpace co-working space is an exemplar of a continued rich legacy of providing the best possible business facilitation through enhanced productivity and efficient work culture among employees.



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