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An inside look at a neo-classical Infinity design

The color palette in this distinctive style are very subtle with an emphasis on ivory, taupe, tan and beige

Transitional rooms feature an elegant and enduring design, which radiates a comfortable yet classic feel that is growing in popularity. This simple color scheme is uncomplicated and relaxing. The bungalow is a perfect example of an updated classic. A space that speaks to the art connoisseur within the owner while keeping in mind the utility of the space given was designed by Infinity Architects and Interior Designers.

Using a blend of metal, marble, and wood the Infinity team was able to give a textured and elevated vibe to every room. The team added a floor to the existing bungalow and designed all the rooms around the homeowner’s collection of original art pieces and sculptures.

By utilizing full-length windows ample natural light is brought into the living room, which gives the impression of spaciousness. The warm tones of the room complement the surrounding greenery. The rug, drapes, and sculptures bring out the traditional side while balancing out the modern sofa sets and the furniture.

Designing an art connoisseur’s home involves placing furniture and planning the décor around their sculpture and art collections. Following the contemporary style, the color palette has been kept to a grey-based scheme merged with the deep browns of the wood paneling and furniture detailing. The soothing texture of the grey veins in the white marble adds to the feel of the room. There is a beautifully crafted partition entombed within glass giving it a 3D effect. This adds to the traditional aspect of the home while keeping the room in privacy from the staircase next to it.

Like the rest of the house, there is ample light filling the dining room. The ceiling slab has been removed to create a more open space that unites the upper floor with the lower. Of the two mirrored panels on the opposite wall, One leads to the kitchen while the other has been placed to balance the room’s aesthetics. The 8-seater dining table is kept in the center of the room. The wooden finish adds warmth and works well with the overall feel of the room. A square dining table has been chosen to create a wide circulation passage around it.

Apart from the dining table, there is a counter table that has been added for the sole purpose of placing hot food. Not only is it a gorgeous marble piece, but it is also functional as it includes a hot plate and even a small fridge.

The chandelier adds an element of sparkle and grandeur to the entire house. In a transitional style, there isn’t any bling element but by adding a little oomph through a center chandelier, the Infinity team went in the direction of a neoclassical theme.

Upstairs in the master bedroom, accented walls, wood paneling, and sliding doors welcome you. The transitional design combination of modern with classic styles can be very evidently experienced. There is a striking combination of metal and wood all through the room. In the master bathroom, using a very classical technique, the Infinity team added an inlay of metal into the marble floor in a new design. There is a warm yellow light that fills the room equally as it gets reflected through the pyramid structure above.

Ajinkya Dhumal, the principal designer and founder of Infinity Architect and Interior Designers, believes in a 3 step systemic approach to any design, which includes: Ideate, Integrate and Implement. When the Infinity team get a requirement to furnish, they never come up with solutions to only the requirements given but look at it from a 360° perspective and beyond.

The transitional style chosen by the Infinity team for this bungalow seamlessly blends the sleek comfort of contemporary design with the homey elegance of a traditional style. In a transitional space, the chic ornamentation will merge with the luxurious upholstery while still keeping with simple color schemes, clean lines, and open spaces. This strikes a delightful harmony between current and classic trends.



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