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Salient designs India’s first sports museum

A defunct food court in Eco-Space Business Park, Kolkata, has been refurbished as Fanattic Sports Museum

Spread across 3,700 sq-ft, Fanattic Sports Museum by Salient - a multidisciplinary architectural studio - is India’s first sports museum. It was built in a non-operational food court in Eco-Space Business Park, Kolkata.

The idea behind Fanattic Sports Museum was to showcase personal memorabilia of Boria Majumdar – a famous sports journalist, and weld a conscious sports community. The project was completed within a span of two months and at present the museum houses 133 exhibits, 60 graphic boards along with an indoor stage and a theatre that can accommodate about 50 people.

To make the museum sporty and explorative in nature, carefully laid out linear and guided circulation schemes were adopted in its spatial planning – challenging the conventional interpretation of museum design.

To reduce the investment and operational costs, an adaptive-reuse design strategy was adopted –encouraging the conservation and reutilization of materials. Most of the existing floor and wall finishes have been kept intact, whereas the external glazing remains unaltered. The MS sections have been procured from the scrap yard and ripped from other places and installations to create minimal support frames.

To establish a visual connectivity in the design, the museum is set against a vibrant green campus – accentuating the experience of the visitor.



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