Ar.  Asheish Shah's sculpture 'Jalsha' crafted out of CMC's Royal Black Terrazzo
Ar. Asheish Shah's sculpture 'Jalsha' crafted out of CMC's Royal Black Terrazzo

CMC commissions two sculptures by renowned architects at D/code 2020

BV Doshi and Ashiesh Shah showcase exclusive pieces of art crafted out of CMC’s Royal Black Terrazzo

India’s largest stones conglomerate Classic Marble Company (CMC) hosted the third edition of India’s only curated luxury living show, D/code 2020 held at the NSCI Dome, Worli, from March 7-8. Curated by architects Krupa Zubin and Zubin Zainuddin, it brought together some of the finest creative minds in the design and architecture space in India.

Ar.  B. V. Doshi's sculpture 'Jalsha' crafted out of CMC's Royal Black Terrazzo

The highlight of the exhibition was two exclusive life size sculptures commissioned by CMC carved out of their exquisite engineered marble Royal Black Terrazzo. India’s only Pritzker Prize winning architect, Padma Bhushan Shri BV Doshi’s sculpture titled ‘Jalsha’ featured a whale breaking out of the ocean. The equally brilliant architect Ashiesh Shah’s piece titled ‘Swayam’ featured an Octopus created in his path breaking Wabi-Sabi style.

CMC displayed a range of KalingaStone Marble and Terrazzo products at D Code 2020

“D/Code 2020 brought together some of the finest minds in architecture, interior design and arts. The show featured over 50 brands and showcased the skills of several stalwarts from across all fields of design congregated under a single roof. For anyone connected with the design and décor industry this was a must visit show featuring the latest innovations across a range of décor including furniture, furnishings, accessories, lighting, art and technology, among other embellishments. We were pleased to host two of India’s most celebrated architects in Shri B.V. Doshi and Ashiesh Shah and present their creative genius to the design world. Their designs crafted out of Royal Black Terrazzo - our most exquisite piece of engineered marble - was a spectacular display of the genius of Indian Architecture to the world audience”, said Amit Shah, managing director, CMC.

“I have never thought of design as static, or stationary. Working on this sculpture took me back to my childhood, to the days when the poetry of Kabir transported me to an imaginary land. When Amit presented me with this 10ft X 4ft X 3ft block of Royal Black Terrazzo, I decided to let my imagination run wild. ‘Jalsha’ was born out of the concept of the ocean catching fire. It is a picture of the frenzy all the creatures of the ocean would be in, as the ocean rushed out of its own nether cavity to escape the scorching heat! It is a tale of fluidity, of motion, of vivid imagination and endless opportunity, of breaking our own boundaries and thinking out of the box at all times” said BV Doshi on Jalsha.

CMC hosted the third edition of Dcode 2020

“Swayam, is a cluster of weightless marble stems that appear intertwined to house a circular seat. Louise Bourgeois and her ‘Maman’ inspired this functional sculpture that can be placed in pairs or sit in isolation. The form, born out of a clay figurine is carefully balanced but imbalanced in perception, a play of perspectives, with three-dimensional dynamism. Carved out of a single block of quarry, the pieces stand to be carefully constructed architectural marvels exuding fluidity in a hand-picked rigid stone – the epitome of Wabi-Sabi,” said Ashiesh Shah on Swayam.

The two day exhibition featured CMC’s 9th Avenue collection comprising its rarest and most exquisite natural stones, CMC's imported natural stone range and its exclusive range of KalingaStoneTerrazzo marble collection.



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