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Kane and Able – a new collection by Nivasa

Anchored firmly in the concept of sustainability, the collection is inspired by the artisanal craft of cane weaving

Nivasa celebrates Indian crafts and revamps these timeless techniques by giving them a fresh twist.
This venture has been of paramount importance for Nivasa.The design philosophy has taken a higher flight with yet another craft inclined collection Kane and Able, inspired by the artisanal craft of cane weaving, which is technique native to many Indian states and is used to make everyday utility objects like baskets, bags, furniture etc.

Sustainability is the underlying beauty of this craft. The intense process of crafting cane furniture begins at the ground level and starts with the harvesting of rattan. Rattan is harvested without harming the trees and furniture is crafted by cutting the bark into fine stripes and woven into intricate patterns and designs.

Kane and Able by Nivasa features consoles, seaters chaises and poster beds. The range is understatedly elegant, and at the same time conveys a comfortable and fashionable approach to lifestyle spaces. Pastel colours, floral upholstery and elaborate details bring back the yesteryear charm and antiquity appeal. Also with natural wood finishes, varied hues, innovative design and framework and also the use of cutting edge technology including single and double cane weaving allows new and intricate pattern generation.

The soft curves make it a perfect framework for cane weaving. Soft hues have been juxtaposed with natural Wood finishes and accentuated with pops of colour. The range brings together individual statement pieces to make harmonious composition.



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