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The lockdown makeover – time on your hands, home to yourself

WoodenStreet’s interior design consultant Heena Jain describes how to transform your home during the lockdown phase

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the nation, people have retreated into their homes, warding off the pandemic with sanitary-precautionary measures without letting it impede the work flow of their lives. But being holed up within your home might be forcing your wild spirit to break free. It is time to channel this properly.
This happens to be the perfect time to tackle all untouched tasks that we jotted down in a scrupulous manner. Reading, writing, watching, exercising and even decoration. But many might ask - how to decorate when you can’t buy stuff?

Old is Always Gold
Peek within the various storage compartments of your home. There are bound to be old gems and treasures that you adored, like designer china plates, old-yet-lively printed bed sheets, unused fabrics, etc.You might have cast them away, but now that you have a drive for redecoration (hopefully) and loads of time on your hands, the very first initiative is to make these relics of the past a part of your present.

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a. China plates, especially designer ones, can be hung on a wall within the living or dining rooms.

b. With old bed-sheets and fabrics, you can arm yourself with a pair of scissors and craft meticulous wall-art pieces, drapes, and tapestries. Give your DIY a further boost by fashioning out doilies, mats, coasters, runners and highlighting layers of fabric to mimic throws.

c. Salvage your photographs! Take out those old memories and give them a new home on the walls, and create a gallery.

Reused Organically
Within the minutiae universe of our homes lie tiny details imparted by the smallest of decorative objects affixed to a single shelf or a flat surface. But now that you have time, you might as well devote it to these lesser known objects. So whip them off their usual places. Little planters and succulents are perfect for repositioning around your home. And if you’ve got small plants, put them into old containers to reinvent your space with a wave of positivity. If you’ve got wicker works, then spread them out, either as bases for other decorative items or, similar to wall-hung plates, create an abstract art out of clustered wicker plates.

Move it!
The most integral part of redecorating without adding anything new comes from placement. By simply changing the placement of your household furniture, you will find a new vibe emanating from within; a vibe of freshness and new beginnings. Freely experiment with new combinations in living room, dining room and even bedroom, if you happen to have space.

This also means that you can finally create the very personal corner that you always wanted, but were burdened with your daily routine. Avid reader? Shift a light bookshelf, arm the corner with a floor lamp and a single chair, and voila! Your personal nook is ready. And don’t just limit yourself to corners, this rule applies to balconies, windowsills or any other space within your home that you want to claim as personal territory.

With time on your hands, you have endless possibilities to experiment with what you have rather than going for a shopping spree. And you’ll be surprised by the results that simple recycling, repurposing and relocation bring. Stay safe, stay happy and stay creative!



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