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An ethnic wear boutique store in Ahmedabad

The design revolves around clear circulation, larger space perception, and maximum display area

The whole idea behind this ethnic wear boutique store was to amplify three things – clear circulation, larger space perception, and maximum display area. In addition, the hidden trial room, storage and minimal interiors highlighted by Indian traditional elements give it a royal look. Also, the grand entrance and flow of elements appeal to incoming clients, while the showroom interiors makes a subtle statement about luxury.

‘Looks’ is a retail brand, which deals in readymade ethnic garments for women. The section designed by Studio Invoke was majorly for bridal wear. The brief from the client was to keep the showroom spacious, with a unique display solution that complements the product they are selling. Given the name of the store, the interiors of the premises try to capture a visual sense of celebration. As the store is an Indian interior design space, the output of various cultures, celebration of history, art and tradition across the country are visible. The Indian motifs used in the interiors reflect the evolution of the country’s diverse, rich heritage and various clothing styles, which are also exotic, vibrant and ethnic. This décor lends timelessness to the space. The colour palette of the store is kept neutral, so that it can do justice to the wide range of vibrant garments on display.

The layout of the store follows an open floor plan to let the customer navigate the space with ease and interact freely with the merchandise. The display and storage are pushed towards the edges, while the centre is kept free and open. This lets the customer have a complete view of the store from anywhere within the premises, which enhances their experience at the store.

The store is in the basement of a shopping complex. The extended premises start as soon as you get down from the building stairs. The pathway that leads to the store entrance has a glass façade on the right and has been lit with multiple glass ‘handis’ to give it an ethnic touch. The façade is also made up of wooden arches with traditional ‘jaali’ patterns, which create a perfect shell to display unique products, letting customers have a glimpse of the store offerings at the entrance itself.

Inside, one is welcomed with a beautifully crafted reception table. The concept behind it was to make it a ‘floating’ element. The bowl, which is specially crafted by an artist, is a visual treat. It was detailed with bronze mirror on the side to offer an artistic look and bring in the ‘floating’ element. The entrance is lit with a traditional glass chandelier, bringing in a luxurious vibe.

The main challenge was that the showroom is located in a basement, which means a lack of natural light and air ventilation. To make the experience memorable, Studio Invoke went with a heritage look. The use of metal arches in a copper finish, traditional patterned motifs and placements of mirrors add drama to the interiors. The intricate, ornamented heavy white pop ceiling with chandeliers gives a rich, traditional touch. The wall cladding with mirrors in between the display and trial rooms adds a sense of depth to the store from various viewpoints. The use of old Jaisalmer stone and carving on the wood screen makes the space livelier.

Elements are also detailed to complement the traditional design language. The display tables are made of a carved wooden base with an Indian sandstone on top. Jaisalmer stone was picked, as it reflects Indian ethnicity and looks much brighter against the intricate work done on the product. The luxurious wooden chair seating adds to the charm of the store, increasing its appeal for customers.

Project Details
Name of the project: Looks (retail store)
Location: Ahmedabad
Area: 1,500 sq-ft
Name of the firm: Studio Invoke



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