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Imagined: a must-attend virtual design show

Kochi-based designers Utharaa Zacharias & Palaash Chaudhary curate an interesting design show in collaboration with eleven studios from around the world

In the wake of the lockdown, with design weeks and trade shows from Milan to New York being cancelled, artists, designers, small studios and the audience are missing out on the important cultural fabric that design shows provide. Utharaa Zacharias & Palaash Chaudhary, co-founders of soft-geometry - a collaborative design studio with a focus on furniture and home objects. decided to fill this vacuum in a small way.  Through a global artist collaboration, the duo has created a virtual fantasy gallery inhabited by extraordinary works of furniture, lighting and sculpture from 11 independent studios from around the world.

Called ‘Imagined, for uncertain times’, the show will be held till June 8, 2020. Zacharias & Chaudhary were inspired to curate a dream list of designers they were inspired by, but had never met. What resulted is a virtual gallery showcase imagined and self‐produced by independent design studios from nine countries.

Born out of an idea for creators to share in both hope and pain at the time of a global pandemic, the show explores dual themes of ‘imagining unbound’ and ‘uncertainty’ through the distinct lens of each participating studio.

Show name: Imagined, for uncertain times
Date: May 8 - June 8, 2020
Curators: soft-geometry, Kochi, India and San Jose, California
3D Visualisation: SPOT Studio, Barcelona



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