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JLL unveils re-entry guidebook

The guidebook will help organisations to resume functioning within their office spaces with useful tips and suggestions

As India fights against COVID-19, business leaders are planning their return-to-work strategies. To support organisations that prepare

for re-entry, JLL has released a (re)entry guidebook outlining best practices for transitioning to the ‘next normal’.

To aid companies in this complex journey, JLL’s (re)entry guidebook provides three pillars to navigate re-entry: (re)activate space: Addresses how and when should begin to return to spaces, and how space is structured and used once ready for re-entry, while balancing health, safety and financial implications; (re)spect health and wellness: Prioritizes safety, security and health of employees, tenants and visitors; (re)vitalise property and workplace operations: Focused on making properties and workspaces ready for productive re-entry, in adherence with new business and social distancing

protocols, as well as government guidelines and requirements.

“Amidst this global pandemic, we have experienced many new and previously unknown challenges. While almost all countries have resorted to lockdowns to counter the threat of the virus, the same has led to offices remaining shut for varied periods of time. As we gradually lift the lockdown, one of the key foreseeable challenges is preparing to gradually re-enter your space.

There will be an endless list of questions to answer. With the right tools and resources, focus on specific challenges and expertise to drive successful implementation, you can deliver an effective and successful re-entry,” shared Ramesh Nair, CEO and country head, India, JLL.

“The impact of the pandemic is generating experiences at a global level in ways not many generations may have experienced previously. It is driving us to reevaluate our physical closeness to other members of society. When we return to normalcy, our anxiety about invisible contagions will persist, resulting in a new definition of personal space and a change in our comfort level with

physical closeness,” added Sandeep Sethi, managing director, Corporate Solutions, West Asia, JLL.

To learn more about JLL's (re)entry guidebook, visit



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