Ashok Mohanani, chairman, EKTA World.
Ashok Mohanani, chairman, EKTA World.

Wellness: the new defining factor in real estate

Healthy homes and Green buildings to witness increased takers in the coming times, writes Ashok Mohanani, chairman, Ekta World, and president-elect, NAREDCO, Maharashtra

The current pandemic's impact is not limited to the lockdown. Prevention and control are key elements when facing major public health emergencies. To contain the pandemic, areas for residential activities are restricted to communities and remaining indoors. Therefore, as a gathering for most people, buildings now play a significant role in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 virus. The most important methods of fighting against the virus are the prevention and control measures accepted across communities.

The situation has resulted in a major attitudinal shift in consumer behavior and buying patterns. Every purchase and buying decision will now see a changing trend. With no cure or prevention yet for COVID19, there is increased emphasis on wellness, well-being, and health. Buyers are looking for apartments that will take care of their basic hygiene and sanity. Health is the major focus and concern of every individual so the shift from regular apartments to Green buildings and sustainable living is expected sooner as they are healthier to live in. This will give a rise to the trend of healthy homes. These are essentially Green buildings which provide paints with lower emissions of toxins; open windows for natural ventilation and sunlight, elevator disinfection, environmental cleaning, among other benefits. Even interiors that help keep the air quality of the place in check and provide people with a healthy, safe, convenient and comfortable indoor living space design will be in demand.

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There will be a rise in demand for a structure that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. Lesser impact on the environment - from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition - will be an added benefit of choosing Green buildings. The pandemic is a wake-up call for the world which has made individuals realise the importance of being ready for any calamities.

Sustainability is another aspect that consumers will seek. The authority's keen attention to sustainable development has made it possible in advancing the sustainable development goals. Given this big opportunity, it is imperative when the nations of the world look to embark on infrastructure investment programs, they strive to provide the infrastructure that is sustainable, technologically advanced and resilient. It is the financially, environmentally, and socially responsible thing to do for the world.

These days it is imperative to accept the new normal with the shift of business goals to sustainable living for the betterment of the citizens.



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