Snuff Elm and Pure Elm from Greenlam Laminates
Snuff Elm and Pure Elm from Greenlam Laminates

Greenlam’s décor guide to a productive work-from-home

Parul Mittal, director, Greenlam Industries, shares three design tips to make your home office vibrant and energetic

A well decorated workspace holds the power to impact your overall wellbeing and the efficiency of your work. Moreover, your personality and preferences play a major role in defining what motivates you to give your best performance every day. As work-from-home has become the ‘new normal’, it has brought an opportunity to discover ways to personalise your work desk that is both comfortable and drives you to work every day.

It is understandable that working from home is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, some are most efficient this way. A well-organised and a clean work area helps you to tackle your daily tasks in a better way. So, here are a few designing tips to create your home office, which doesn’t require any renovation.

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1. Shine bright

Colours have a long-lasting influence on your mood and provide a visual experience that impacts your work. Moreover, we tend to choose colours that release happy hormones in us and resonate with our energy. If you are looking for hues that can enlighten your frame of mind and pump some energy as you work through the day, then choose bright summer hues like yellow or teal. For instance, the Noce Lila wooden floor from Mikasa Real Wood Floors, when you pair its brown shade with pops of colour, the look exudes positivity and radiance. Make the best use of existing miniature showpieces that add excitement to your work desk by using mason jars as a succulent or a pen holder.

Fig Eucalyptus Brown veneer from Decowood Veneers

2. Hide the clutter

A simple yet clean workstation paves way for a peaceful mind. Moreover, it is important to maintain personal and environmental hygiene to keep safe from viruses. Well, worry not, as there are surfaces that can help you do that. Laminates that possess antibacterial properties can be used on walls or table-tops. For instance, the Snuff Elm and Pure Elm from Greenlam Laminates comes with an antibacterial property. Greenlam is the first laminate and compact brand in the country to introduce anti-bacterial surfaces as a standard offering over 10 years ago.

In order to achieve an effortless workstation, the key is to eliminate the clutter and have some breathing space. Arrange essential work stationary and gadgets on your desk to keep the space neat and tidy. As an important health advisory by the government, we too suggest to always keep a hand sanitiser at the work desk. This minimal workspace will help you focus while working at an optimum speed to achieve a work-life balance even while working from home.

Noce Lila wooden floor from Mikasa Real Wood Floors

3. Drama galore
Leverage the eliminated travelling time during this lockdown period to design a workspace that exudes a strong sense of your individuality. For the ones who aim at creating a bold aura, bring out that dynamic attitude to your work area which will help you energise your mood and stay productive. Start with accentuating your table-top with a metallic stand to organise your stationary. Place a mini lamp shade in matte or glossy material that doubles-up both as a lighting source and an alluring ornate.

Parul Mittal - Director, Greenlam Industries

Inject some vintage glamour to the wall veneers by embellishing them with fairy lights for an enchanting visual. For instance, when you place the lights on the Fig Eucalyptus Brown veneer from Decowood Veneers, it beautifully enhances the natural textures of the veneer. If you are looking for a way to assemble your gadget wires and chargers, you can use jute baskets that can be conveniently found at your home.
A systematic working area makes all the difference and when designed well keeping in mind all the hygiene factors, it makes room for both safety and productivity. With these easy-to-do décor ideas, we assure you happy and hygienic working hours!



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