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Stop Cybercriminals from Destroying your Business

Kalpesh Jani, senior security advisor, Print Security Advisory Services, WW Security Consulting Programs, HP, highlighted the importance of print security for architecture and design firms

Architect and Interiors India hosted a webinar on cyber security with a special focus on print security to help architecture and design firms understand how to protect their businesses from the various cyber security threats that they can be susceptible to. One of the greatest challenges in protecting a business against any cybercrime is the shape-shifting nature of security threats. Cybercriminals are constantly finding ingenious new ways to tunnel into consumer, enterprise, and institutional IT systems. They are increasingly professional, more aggressively-funded, and better-equipped than ever to exploit any weak link in the security chain. And printers are particularly vulnerable points of attack.

At a time when online attacks and security threats to businesses are becoming a common occurrence, Jani’s presentation threw some light on the subject and decoded it for audience members, consisting of architects and interior designers, in order to help them understand the risks and learn how to avoid them. During the webinar, he also took live questions from leading architects regarding the challenges they face and explained how they can address them.

For the entire discussion, watch the video.



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