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Method Art Space presents ‘Deathless’ by Aditya Damle

The exhibition will be part of the gallery’s Pause series

Method Art Space is presenting ‘Deathless’ by Aditya Damle, who is a graphic designer, illustrator, album artist and a comic book artist. Taking inspiration from Mike Mignola's Hellboy and Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Damle’s show – titled 'Deathless' – is about the relationship between time and space, and other such conceptual questions through the life of a deathless human by using the visual, sequential storytelling format of a comic.

Damle says that the pandemic was the inspiration behind this show as the pandemic felt eternal, and the perception of time was broken and months just kept passing by with a blink of an eye.

Through this show, he wishes to change the perception of comic books within the art community. He expresses his concern as to how comic books aren't considered as art, but are actually the oldest form of storytelling, having a limitless imaginative power due to the onset of modern technology.

Since childhood, he has always been fascinated with the tales of mythology that he grew up listening to and the comic books he read; they still feature prominently in his work. He grew up thinking that he will end up making caricatures on the street since art was the only thing he was good at and those were the only artists he had seen! Apart from the usual suspects in pop culture and music, his work is heavily inspired by mythology ranging from Norse, Greek and particularly Indian mythology. He also started DAM Design in June 2019 with the objective of creating a space that felt like home for artists like him.



15 Sep, 2020
The exhibition will be part of the gallery’s Pause series
11 Sep, 2020
The discussion will see leading architects share their thoughts on the technique