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Young architects and designers visit Jaquar's production plant in Bhiwadi

iGeners 2018 experienced the attention to quality that the bath and lighting major pays to its products as part of the iGen Design Dialogue series

Being appreciated as the new generation of innovative architects and designers is gratifying in itself, but when that recognition takes you to new experiences and fosters an inspiring dialogue – it’s a treat like no other. This year, our iGens had just this privilege thanks to Jaquar Group and the iGen Design Dialogue series being held in Gurgaon. Architects and designers get an exclusive tour of the company’s manufacturing facilities, where they get to see first-hand how quality products are crafted on a regular basis. Welcoming the delegates to iGen Design Dialogue 3.0, held last month from November 12-14, Mohit Hajela, group head – Business Development, Jaquar Group, said “The Indian subcontinent is blessed to witness some marvellous architecture, standing tall with its roots. Jaquar, with its presence in more than 45 countries, celebrates the spirit of design. The design dialogue is an initiative to create a knowledge platform where celebrated designers share their design philosophy and contribute more to the industry and nation at large.”

Rajesh Mehra, director and promoter of Jaquar Group, also expressed, “This is a first-of-a-kind design programme that Jaquar Group has initiated, with the main purpose being to come out with free flowing, constructive ideas in architecture and design – sharing and learning from leading designers and young talents from the fraternity.”

The two-day event began with an extensive tour of the company’s Bhiwadi facilities, visiting its two prominent units. Oberving the faucet manufacturing process helped the iGens to appreciate the craft and detail that go into making these everyday products. The tour of the global headquarters along with the Lighting and Wellness plant, on the following day, was an equally enriching opportunity.

At the global headquarters, Yatin Pandya, principal, Footprints EARTH, gave an inspiring keynote address, emphasising on the world ‘dialogue’. With Smart being the new focus, he wondered about a truly inclusive development that takes into consideration rural areas, technology, infrastructure issues, and even issues of equity. Design is about discretion, Pandya asserted, adding, “It is about the ability to discern between appropriate and inappropriate, appropriateness to the context, context in terms of place and people.”

Design must go through some crucial perspectives or filter, he advised. Because buildings last beyond us, timelessness should be one of the objectives – followed by socio-cultural appropriateness to the context. The client’s aspiration is just as significant. “It has to be true to their needs and priorities,” Pandya underlined, and went on to denote the importance of environmental resource management, economical affordability, structural strength and stability in the design scheme.

One of his most profound inputs in the address highlighted the synonymous nature of history and tradition. “Tradition is living history. Something that comes from the death of history and dies its own death and continues to survive,” Pandya explained. The existence of historic wisdom, despite the change and transformation of time, is in itself a proof of its values.“We live through these three time zones simultaneously. Our moorings of the past, aspirations of tomorrow that co-exist to create the brevity of today,” he further stated.



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