Book Worm by Nuru Karim of Nudes
Book Worm by Nuru Karim of Nudes

Nuru Karim at the Museum in Mumbai from today

This evening, Priyasri Art Gallery and architect Nuru Karim will install a 120ft-long and 40ft-wide Book Pavilion at the premises of the CSMVS in collaboration with the newly-opened Children’s Museum for the month of October-November, 2019

Priyasri Art Gallery and architect Nuru Karim have been given an opportunity by DG Sabyascachi Mukherjee of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (former Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai) to install a 120ft-long and 40ft-wide Book Pavilion at the premises of the museum in collaboration with the newly-opened Children’s Museum for the month of October-November, 2019.

Karim and Priyasri Art Gallery also proudly present The Athymic Nude Mouse from 8th-12th November,2019 at the Coomarswamy Hall of the Museum. Inauguration of both the exhibitions is scheduled for today, Friday, 8th November at CSMVS Museum. This will also commemorate the inauguration of the lighting of the CSMVS Museum façade and landscape environment-friendly project that was conceived and executed by Priyasri Patodia with encouragement from Director General Sabyasachi Mukherjee of CSMVS Museum.

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The House of Book pavilion is an experimental public art installation designed by architect/ artist Nuru Karim supported by Priyasri Art Gallery. Karim has also recently installed a public art ‘Charkha’ at Azad Maidan Mumbai supported by Tata Steel and Oval Trust Foundation. This public pavilion is aimed to foster a sense of reading in the youth population and encourage curated reading content for children as well as to promote the tactile experience of reading books in this day and age of hand-held devices and digital content.

This book pavilion will be open to the public and will house books donated by various institutes and individuals for children aged 0-18 years. The books will be screened at the Children’s Museum at the CSMVS before being installed on the Book Pavilion. The entire pavilion is fabricated using re-cycled plywood and is handmade, so it can be dismantled and packed as it’s deployable, fabricated from a modular set of components, and reassembled on another site post the duration of the exhibition. The interactive installation can be deployed at both urban and rural centres and will spread the message of empowerment through education.

 About Nuru Karim
Nuru Karim, founder and design principal – Nudes, received his Master’s in Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association [AADRL] London, UK in 2006. He has worked for Zaha Hadid Architects, London in 2005-06. His undergraduate studies include travel and education in the cities of Mumbai, Montreal and London. Nudes operates within the realm of cross-disciplinary cultures of public-art, architecture-urbanism and design optimisation powered by digital “making” tools addressing larger networks of social, cultural and environmental.

Nudes has achieved critical recognition both for its built work and in competition including a nomination for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2013 cycle. Nudes is a multi-disciplinary practice that has collaborated with writers, artists, sculptors, product designers, robotic engineers, mechanical engineers and digital technology based consultants. Nudes has won several awards and accolades for his work both at national and international platforms. Recently Nuru Karim has won the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2019 at Kings Cross London and his work 'Forest' was the winning entry in a competition to design a new school in Pune, India.

About Priyasri Art Gallery
Founded in 2004, Priyasri Art Gallery has been extremely responsive to the evolving language of art and nurturing a gamut of artistic practices and expression. The gallery is dedicated to its role of exhibiting modern, contemporary and experimental artworks; besides focusing on showcasing young artists, we also represent more established artists like Akbar Padamsee and masters like Jogen Chaudhury. Priyasri Art Gallery also provides artists with a studio facility in the art hub of India – Baroda. Called AQ@Priyasri, the artist studio in Baroda has been providing studio space and housing for young artists since 2003, and has recently launched a separate printmaking practice.

In the bustling Mumbai midtown art space, Priyasri Art Gallery is a cosy 2,500sq-ft contemporary art gallery neatly nested on the seafront in Madhuli, Worli. Its 7x30ft French windows look out onto a stunning view of the Arabian Sea that shapes the identity of the city.

About the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS)
The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, is a premier museum and cultural institution of India. It is a not-for-profit organization opened to the public in 1922 and is governed by a Board of Trustees. Designed by George Wittet, a British architect in 1909, the museum building is a Grade I Heritage Structure and is a fine example of the Indo Saracenic style of architecture. The Museum houses a 60,000-strong multicultural collection of artefacts from Asia and Europe. The Museum is a part of the recently declared The Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai UNESCO World Heritage Site.



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