Materiology curators Pramiti Madhavji and Amit Gupta.
Materiology curators Pramiti Madhavji and Amit Gupta.

Materiology 2.0: A STIR forecast on what’s next in design

A term coined from the idea of taking a diverse palette of materials and expressing through them a tale that transcends the boundaries of current trends

The first edition of Materiology, held in 2019, interpreted an important inquiry – what happens when tomorrow becomes today?

Taking the narrative forward, Materiology 2.0 embarks on a quest into the future – what happens when yesterday becomes tomorrow?

Presented by STIR and curated by Amit Gupta and Pramiti Madhavji, Materiology 2.0 re-imagines the past and takes us back to the future.

It is a unique platform where leading architects, designers, artists and brands from across the globe come together to share their learnings from the yesteryears as they connect the dots and nuances of the applied nature of material using sustainable methods and procedures, and what it can predict ahead.

With the fast-changing world, are we forgetting the basic values that we had imbibed when we were young? There were things we did that were simple and productive, that were educational, that made us think, made us learn, made us treat these as activities for better living. These activities and games have now assumed a new avatar, but it is still important to address these and their need in our lives today.

Can we make the time machine take us back? International and Indian designers team up, using a specific material to create an expression of what the past could have been with elements and designs of the present and the future. These expressions, which would convey a narrative, will be influenced by:

• Changes in the past impacting the ecological environment today

• Human behaviour impacted over the years

• Psychological-physiological adaptation of the built-environment

• Socio-political environment

• Senses

• Intervention of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Human Decoding, Augmented Reality, etc., and its effects on yesterday’s built environment, highlighting either the process or the potential end result

Exhibition details:
Date: February 2-22, 2020
Timings: 11:00am – 7:00pm (daily, except Sundays & public holidays)

Venue: STIR Gallery, vis a vis, 2 North Drive, DLF Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi

For a guided walkthrough, write to



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