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The IIID Vision Summit 2020 saw designers brainstorm on a course of action for the next couple of years

The Vision Summit 2020 hosted by the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) Kerala Regional Chapter was held in Kochi on February 13, 2020. It was packed with activities, right from the workshop and brainstorming session to the conclusion, calling for a holistic design approach, based on the needs and the culture of the local society, and ensuring high levels of intelligent business management. It was decided that to expand the horizon of the practice, the design industry needs to be more technologically equipped. The summit concluded with the belief that the way to achieve this integration was by joining and collaborating with the industry catering to design-related products.

Another key factor which emerged was for design institutions to come down to the grassroots level and address actual needs through design solutions. The summit also addressed social needs by developing and providing alternative design solutions, which are to be arrived at through a multi-disciplinary process. Of course, the active participation of designers with a joint effort by the industry is key to achieve the highest levels of sustainable design.
The summit also emphasised the need to apply techniques to create something unique and useful by reusing discarded items and by upcycling, instead of creating more waste while redoing or recreating older spaces.
Architect Jabeen Zacharias, newly elected national president of IIID for the term 2019-2021, introduced the new Executive Council for her term, which will steer the institution over the course of the next two years. Interestingly, Zacharias happens to be the first-ever woman elected for the role of president.

Zacharias brings more than three decades of experience in architecture, planning, project management, consultancy and training to this position. She has held numerous leadership positions both with the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) and Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID). Between 2002 and 2004, she was the chairperson of the Indian Institute of Architects, Kerala Chapter, and the first woman architect in the state elected to the post.

The guiding theme for The Vision Summit 2020 was the journey in search of the direction ahead – aptly titled ‘Where is North?’. “North was the mast and anchor that led many an expedition in history. Man’s search to find new direction in life has been inbuilt in his journey for progress from the ancient times, and was the ultimate guide to everything from farming to improving his life and livelihood. This journey can never end. The search through design to better and to improve our life and environment as designers is about the need for ‘conscious and conscientious design’, where everybody – professionals, trade bodies and even people at large, take a call on the dreams we dream, the lines we draw and the choices we make, to ensure that we are on the right path for a better tomorrow for the people and the planet, weaving long-term dreams which can touch the lives of everybody, everywhere, including future generations. This is what IIID is setting out to do via the Quest for North,” explained Zacharias.

Zacharias pointed out that in the time of global warming and unemployment, design can act as an instrument of change. “Any design has to be future-oriented and beneficial for the generations to come. Any designer can look for the guiding North Star to complete their journey in this quest,” she pointed out.

The Grand Leadership Summit saw the felicitation of the lead navigators, consisting of industry leaders, as well as a presidential address by Zacharias. There was an open networking event, which started with a Shingarimelam performance, a unique cultural welcome using the traditional drums of Kerala.

The event saw the presence of over 600 delegates from all over India, including 100 selected top designers and 24 corporate heads, who shall play the role of lead navigators for the term 2019-2021. The Grand Design Summit witnessed 240 top designers from India brainstorm on the vision, ‘Where is North?’, while the Grand Leadership Summit saw 300 leaders of IIID deliberate on how design impacts the life of humanity.

The re-launch of the official magazine of IIID – Inscape, a monthly design-oriented publication, was held during the Vision Summit. This platform was also used to announce the launch of the IIID Awards for Design Excellence for the current term.

The chief guest at the summit was architect Johnny Chiu from JC Architecture, Taiwan. He made a presentation of some of his projects to a very receptive crowd. Similarly, Padma Bhushan awardee architect BV Doshi gave a video address on ‘Where is North?’.

Also participating were prominent faces from the design world like Niraj Shah, Vivek Gupta, Jeyanthi Nedesalingam, Ravi Hazra, Chiranjivi Lunkad, Sanjay Agarwal, and more, who guided the summit.
Others responsible for the IIID Vision Summit 2020 include Jignesh Modi (IIID National Honorary Secretary), Sajan Pulimood (IIID Vision Summit Convener), S Gopakumar (Vision Summit Chairman) and George Mathai (IIID Chairman, Kerala Regional Chapter).



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