Andhra Arts & Crafts Hotel in Vishakapatnam promises to showcase the #HeartofAndhra

Earlier this
month, Le Sutra – a sister concern of the Palm Beach Hotel that recently opened
the doors of its heritage wing, the Andhra Arts & Crafts Hotel in
Vishakhapatnam, hosted an Andhra art and culture experience in Mumbai. The
evening included a live art demonstration of the Etikopaka craft, a culinary
experience of Andhra Pradesh and a digital walkthrough of the Andhra Arts &
Crafts Hotel. Branded as a ‘microcosm of Andhra’, the new wing boasts 70
sculptures and 50 art installations that weave the narrative of Andhra’s arts
and crafts through its passages, corridors and residential areas. The management’s
claim that this is the world’s first handicrafts hotel may not be a tall one,
after all.

Wearing the title of the world’s first Indian
Art Hotel based in Mumbai, the Le Sutra Hotel is designed on the three gunas or qualities as defined by ancient
Indian philosophy – viz, Tamas, Rajas and Satva. Each room in the hotel is a
unique representation of one of the gunas,
giving guests a unique experience. The Andhra Arts & Crafts Hotel is its third
landmark project that takes forward the lineage of Le Sutra – the other two
being the world’s first Indian Art Hotel and Tribal Art Homes – and aims to
preserve and present Andhra Pradesh’s craftsmanship.

The Andhra Arts & Crafts Hotel is designed
by national award-winning artisans, interior designers, craftsmen and sculptors
from Andhra Pradesh. All the rooms are themed on craft forms like Tholu
Bommalata or leather shadow puppetry, Budithi brass work, Kalamkari pen art and
Etikoppaka toys to create an aesthetic expression celebratingg the #HeartofAndhra.

The hotel promises to be a unique destination –
not only for leisure, but also for business and corporate travellers looking
for an experience after boardroom hours. Some of the amenities provided include
a secure private beach that stays open 24/7, an outdoor swimming pool and four
in-house restaurants: Dusk – a lounge bar, Masala Mafia, Mafia Bar and Sea Deck.

Each guest is presented with a souvenir at the
end of their stay that represents the art and craft of Andhra. The hotel is
also looking to add an Andhra Crafts gift shop with artefacts curated from
local artists and craftsmen. With the additional 24 boutique rooms, the
property has joined the ranks of 50 art hotels the world over and is probably
the only handicrafts hotel.

Mitali Bajaj, vice president – Corporate
Affairs, said “With the Andhra Arts & Crafts Hotel, our aim is to create
the #HeartofAndhra within Vizag and give our guests a curated experience of
Andhra Pradesh. By purposefully using an assemblage of traditional and modern
handicrafts in the interiors, the hotel not only pays tribute to the cultural
heritage of one of India’s magnificent states – but also preserves the legacy
of its artisans. The Indian consumer today is well-informed and on the lookout
for new and unique experiences, be it a leisure or business trip. The Andhra
Arts & Crafts Hotel serves as such an experiential destination…”

Radha Bajaj, official spokesperson, Le Sutra
said, “My family has always been oriented towards arts and culture – but when
we embarked on building Le Sutra, I for one, was vary of the project since I
felt that it would not only be more expensive – but would also require massive
investments of time and effort. I was of the opinion that it was better to
design a simple but tastefully designed hotel as the choice of hotel is mostly determined
by its location and ours was in the heart of Bandra, by the sea. But when Le
Sutra was fully developed, I had to set aside my apprehensions as I realised
that the idea was a hit and the effort, worth it…”

With the launch of the Andhra Arts & Crafts Hotel, Palm Beach will
boast of 80+ rooms, including seven cottages and three one-bedroom apartments



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